Have you decided you need a more comfortable home during COVID-19? We’re all spending more time at home which gives us time to understand where we need to be more comfortable.

So you’re now working from home, looking after children for longer or trying to keep active. Along the way, you have time to consider having a more comfortable home..

It’s a funny thing that you don’t really notice a comfortable home. But you REALLY notice an uncomfortable one. So here are three simple ways to achieve a more comfortable home right now.

Look Online For Furniture

If you are keen on having a more comfortable home, think about upgrading your furniture. This is a great thing to do every few years, especially if the furniture you have is particularly damaged or has seen better days. By upgrading it, you are going to bring a whole new life to your home, and especially to how comfortable you find it to be. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on this, as you can often find cheap or even free items online on websites like Freecycle. That is also a very eco-friendly way of getting hold of new furniture, so it’s a bit of a double win.

Temperature Control

It is hard to be fully comfortable in a place if you are not able to control the heating properly, so that is something else that you are going to want to deal with too. You want to be able to have the home at the desired temperature all year round. One part of that, of course, is the heating, so if you don’t have good heating already you should think about whether you need to install heating some time soon, and certainly before the colder months. You also need some kind of cooling system, whether that’s air conditioning or just a fan or two. The more you are able to control the home’s temperature, the more comfortable you are going to find that it is.


The more stuff you have lying around, the less you are going to feel that the home is a comfortable and enjoyable place to be. If you have a lot of clutter and you want to try and limit it, then you should go through everything you own and see whether you really need it. If not, you can give it away to the needy, to charity shops, or you can recycle it at your nearest centre. All in all, getting rid of clutter will make you feel considerably more comfortable in your home, much more than you might have thought possible, so that is something that you are going to want to think about.

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