A modern vibe doesn’t mean the latest trend that’s going. No, it’s more about updating features in your home to make life easier.

Time does pass quickly so before you know it your once modern looking home has started to look a little dated. Trends and fashions change, as well as technology. So if you think you need a modern vibe for a home stuck in the last century, then here are few ideas.

Modern Vibe: Control the Power

How you control the power in your home makes a massive difference to its functionality and how well things work. If you don’t have many power outlets, then it can make your home full of wires trailing everywhere. Look at how many power sockets you, how many you need, and where you need them. For example, how many hallways have power sockets? It’s a stylish idea to have floor lamps in the hallway instead of overhead lights.

You could choose plug sockets that have multiple outlets but this more of a short-term fix. Ideally, you will need to have a small rewire to add in new electrical sockets. It can be a bit of a disruption, though. So it is best if you are planning to redecorate at the same time.

If you are planning to redecorate then give thought to add wall sockets at the same time. It will require some rewiring and possible some replastering. However, having done this, you’ll be happy you added the sockets you need.

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Modern Vibe: Update with Technology

There are many ways that technology can update your home. I’m sure many of us have things like wireless internet by now. But there are many other things to help make life easier, such as CCTV outside for security, wireless alarms, and detectors. Even wireless speakers in the garden linked to your sound system will make outdoor entertaining more dynamic. There are plenty of options. So it’s worth looking somewhere like http://www.thesmartfuture.net/ as there are different tech reviews on the website. So look around and then you’ll be able to find something that could work in your home.

Modern Vibe: Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Making your home more eco-friendly is often a term we hear. But what can we actually do to implement it? There are several options to make your home more modern. The chances are that it will make your household bills even cheaper too. Think about changing your light bulbs, like we did recently. LED light bulbs are considered to be the best option as they are more energy-efficient than their counterparts. They also don’t lose any light, like precious energy efficient bulbs do. You can read more online at a site like http://www.myledlight.com/benefitsofledlighting.aspx. You may even consider getting solar panels or solar tiles installed on your roof. Heating your home more efficiently is kinder to the environment, will save a lot of money, and make your home much more modern.

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Modern Vibe: Double-glazed Windows

If your home has old windows installed, then it can be a problem to efficiently heat your house. Old glazing will allow heat to escape and for cold air to seep in. If you are considering refitting windows and doors – we are replacing a large window with bi-fold cafe doors, for example – then look double or even triple glazing. This is a particularly good option if you don’t require window treatments.

Modern Vibe: New Furniture

Nothing says “I’m in the 21st Century” like fabulous new furniture. Brosa Furniture makes high-quality modern furniture in its own factory by craftspeople and artisans. Think classic wood, rich velvets, romantic fabrics, and modern wall art. Of course, Zanui, is well-known for its furniture and accessories; great pieces at great prices and also cool replica furniture.

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Header image courtesy of Britto Charette – Interior Designers, Miami FL. Other images, as credited, please click on the image to go to the designer’s website.

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