Welcome to the 21st Century where the modern home is changing every year. From smart phones to smart homes, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. However, there are just three modern home must-haves to make life easier, and they are quite simple.

When it comes to designing a modern home, it’s very easy to get carried away. The excitement of buying your first property can sometimes all get a bit too much – next thing you know, you’ve spent $300 in IKEA and you’re not really sure where you’re going to fit it all. Of course, the ability to put our own personality into our homes through the decor is what makes everyone’s home unique. It’s something that should be encouraged,

Personality in your private, personal, and unique elevates your home above a show house, right? But that being said, there are a few things that every owner of a modern home should include in their property. These will make your life easier, but when you do choose to sell the house (fairly likely if it is your first property) having these things will raise the value of your home.

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Good lighting

The way your home is lit can add a lot to its overall atmosphere. An overly dark home can feel glum and moody, whereas one that is excessively lit by artificial light almost never feels cozy. The first thing you need to do before you buy any lamps is to consider a lighting plan and also how much natural light you get in each room.

If your living room naturally faces away from the sun during the day, you will probably need to make sure that room is well lit. Try and maximize your natural light as much as you can, as it gives the whole house a more airy and modern feel. If you need to, have some large windows or skylights installed – floor to ceiling windows in chic black metal are great for a contemporary kind of look.This amazing church renovation shows how windows can seamlessly blend heritage and new for a unique modern home.

As far as lamps and ceiling lights go, you can’t go wrong with warm lamps in the living room and bedrooms, and chic spotlights in the kitchen. A cluster of pendants in a corner will cast beautiful light if natural light is minimal. Shannya Blaze used this technique in a fabulous bathroom renovation on her Foxtel ‘Lifestyle’ show ‘Deadline Design. Or try a row of pendants across a kitchen bench; there are hundreds of designs from which to choose. Downlights built into the bottom of top shelves in a kitchen or bathroom shed great light right onto your counter tops.

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modern home

Automatic garage doors

Security is a major issue for many people these days, whether you are single or whether you live with your family. Modern homes with garages are fairly coveted as they provide somewhere for you to store valuables – the most obvious being your car, but many people also store garden equipment and power tools in there too. In some cases, they are even turned into an extra room for the house. A company such as A1 Automate will be able to install an automatic garage door for you, which you will find becomes a huge asset for your property.

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Something very special for a modern home is using an automatic garage door for a different purpose. This Lake Union living room designed by Dan Nelson from Designs Northwest Architects (Seattle) is unique, clever, purpose-built, and a fabulous design idea. I absolutely love it.

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Walls and flooring

There’s no point decorating a modern home until you’ve got the basics right – which is why it’s worth paying special attention to your walls and flooring. Old and worn-out carpet will easily drag down the look of an entire room. Rip it up and either replace with new carpet (the choice is endless), or look into having a hardwood floor put down instead (great for the contemporary, minimalist vibe).

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There are so many amazing wallpapers these days that you may consider this option. However, walls do need to be meticulously prepared, which generally means getting in a professional. With some basic painting tips, why not paint the walls yourself? If you’re in a modern home then prep will be minimal. There are myriad shades of white, cream or grey which are versatile enough to form the basis for great decorating.

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Header image courtesy of Pexels. Kitchen design from Key Piece (Melbourne), garage doors from Projects General Construction (Santa Barbara, CA) and Designs Northwest Architects (Seattle). Bedroom courtesy of Dulux Paints. Other images from Pexels.

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