The minimalist bathroom, or any Scandi-inspired decor, isn’t going away anytime soon. This type of decor is not abiut being cold… far from it. A minimalist bathroom has heaps of positives, style-wise.

There’s no getting away from the fact that bathrooms are the most complex rooms to renovate. Partly because they get so much use, but also because it’s a case of combining style, function, and practicality, which is not always an easy task. Hence the minimalist bathroom hero.

Modern bathrooms incorporate a combination of plumbing and electrics that can be tricky spaces to renovate. However, that doesn’t mean creating a beautiful bathroom that you love isn’t achievable.

Currently, one of the most on-trend bathroom design styles is minimalist chic. A minimalist bathroom is not only beautifully light and airy but also wonderfully elegant and sophisticated.

For a bathroom that is sleek and stylish with a calm and tranquil atmosphere, opting to incorporate a minimalist design and layout is ideal. For all the best minimalist bathroom ideas and inspiration, read on.


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Aura by Tracie Ellis bathroom towels


Perfection Is Vital In A Minimalist Bathroom

What makes a minimalist bathroom so beautiful? The answer: perfection. A minimalist bathroom should always be perfect in every single way. The fact is that what makes a space – any area of the home – minimalist is its clean cut design which incorporates harsh lines and strong edges.

A minimalist bathroom isn’t one that you can go DIY with; well not easily, anyway. The fact is to create a space that looks perfect in every way; you need to work with a specialist company like

For any minimalist space, perfection is vital, which is why it’s best to call in the experts.



A Minimalist Bathroom Should Be Neutral

Part of the beauty of minimalist spaces is the fact that they are neutral. They don’t tend to incorporate bright, bold colours or loud patterns; they are clean and crisp.

The majority of spaces with a minimalist vibe to them are decorated in white, beige, or grey – sometimes black – but usually just those three colours. Of course, accessories are often used to add small splashes of colour, but for the most part, minimalist spaces are made up of purely neutral tones. Now, matte black, brushed nickel, and rose gold tapware is available for a different chic effect.


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Bathroom by Internos Home Improvements (Adelaide). Photography by Cathy Leo


Storage is Key

If there is one thing a minimalist bathroom is not, it’s cluttered. That’s why having plenty of storage space incorporated into the design is so vital. This storage space should be invisible – aka it should be built-in storage space that blends seamlessly into the room.

Utilize the entire space, from floor to ceiling, to ensure that the room has plenty of storage space smartly incorporated into it, to prevent clutter from impacting the aesthetics of the room.

For bathroom storage ideas tailored to your bathroom, resources like can be useful.


minimalist bathroom


Smart, Elegant Features Are Crucial

As for the features that a minimalist bathroom should incorporate, designs that are elegant are key. Minimalist bathrooms aren’t necessarily ultra modern; they are simply spaces that aren’t overly cluttered.

So while modern design features can work well in these spaces, so can older, and more traditional pieces, like claw-footed bathtubs, for instance. A combination of the two types of features – ultra modern and traditional – can also work well. The key to getting the design of a minimalist bathroom right is determining what works for

The key to getting the design of a minimalist bathroom right is determining what works for the space – each space is unique, and it’s important to understand that.

For a bathroom that is truly minimalist, take note of the ideas and inspiration above, and you can create a beautiful space that is calm and tranquil, as well as smart and stylish.

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