A milestone birthday is always a great excuse to celebrate in a bigger way and with more friends.

If you have a friends milestone birthday coming up it can certainly be a time of pressure finding ways celebrate with her in a special way. So here are three top ideas worth considering.

milestone birthday


Pool Resources for A Stunning Milestone Birthday Gift

Organise friends to contribute to a milestone birthday gift you know your bestie really wants. For a 30th, chances are she may own a home or be hankering for an overseas trip. By pooling resources you could buy something significant and memorable rather than lots of smaller items.

Even though your bestie will love whatever she’s given by her friends individually, this is a milestone birthday so treat it accordingly.

Brainstorm ideas on what she may like. If she owns a home then maybe she needs some kind of interior decorating present. However, if she’s paying a mortgage then maybe she’d like something really girlie that she can’t buy herself. You’l never go far wrong with jewellery as a great keepsake gift that your friend will enjoy wearing for many years.

A weekend at a spa or somewhere really opulent and relaxing is another great idea for anyone who loves a good pampering. Or perhaps your friend is a bit of a thrill seeker so a parachute jump, a day racing a sports car around a track, or a romantic hot air balloon ride could be more up her alley.

Whatever you decide to buy her, make sure it reflects her personality. She can see straight away that you’ve put a lot of thought into it and you know her likes and tastes inside out.

milestone birthday


Throw A Surprise Party

Perhaps you think your pal would like nothing more than having all her nearest and dearest in one room together to enjoy a night of wining, dining and general milestone birthday merriment. Then why not take it upon yourself to organise a surprise birthday party to give her the ultimate birthday treat and make her feel really special.

If you think a surprise birthday party is something that your friend would love then start preparing the details well in advance. Decide on a budget and then the venue.

Think of any restaurant or bar that your friend really loves and contact them to see if they hire any spaces for private parties. If your friend is an outside kind of girl, then organise a picnic in an area of a park that she really loves.

If you are organising an outdoor party ensure you have a sheltered Plan B somewhere close in case you get caught out by bad weather.

milestone birthday

Once you have decided on a venue then send invitations out as soon as possible. Draw up a list of everyone you think your friend would want there. If you don’t know any of her colleagues then contact one of her work mates. Ask them to send you a list of everyone she works with that would like to be there.

Same applies to family members or other groups of friends that you don’t know personally. There are some fantastic e-vite sites that allow you send out invitations online quickly and easily.

Think about any extra details such having a themed or fancy dress party, for example. If your bestie is someone who loves getting dressed up then consider organising a fancy dressed themed party for the ultimate ‘surprise’ factor when she walks in.

As the party will be a surprise to your friend, make sure you have taken care of a fancy dress outfit that she can get changed into once she’s arrived.

Regarding food and alcohol, if you’re at a restaurant or bar, try to organise a good deal with the venue you are going to and then let them take care of the hard work.

Alternatively if you are hosting the party in a public space or in your home put special thought into the type of food you think your friend, and the rest of the guests will enjoy. Check out Vinomofo who will deliver selected and mixed wines direct to your door.

milestone birthday


Organise A Girlie Trip Away

If throwing a surprise party seems like a lot of hard work, why not consider whisking your friend and your group of pals away for a girly weekend somewhere really special. It can be a surprise or ask your friend to consider where she would like to go and then you can help plan the details.

Perhaps she fancies a city break somewhere you’ve never been before, somewhere just a couple of hours flight or drive away. City breaks can be a wonderful milestone birthday celebration. They offer something for everyone including exploring the history and culture of a city, shopping, chilling on the beach and, of course, activities for those who want to go a little wild and let their hair down.

Or perhaps you think your friend would prefer to do something a little more low key like a weekend at a spa. Surely there is nothing more indulgent and luxurious than whiling away your birthday weekend with your best mates, being pampered and looked after.

So whatever you think your friend would enjoy the most you can add all the little details that will turn her milestone birthday weekend into one she’ll never forget.

milestone birthday

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