Maury Filosano lived in many countries where she saw how much people valued their possessions. Upon returning to live in the USA, she was struck by the disposable nature of American living.

It was fascinating talking with Maury. Her background in bio-tech and physiology, combined with her childhood living in some third-world communities, fed her desire to recycle. But not just what she recycles; what other people recycle too. Maury has created, an on-line business that educates people and sells items that are recycled, repurposed, and redesigned.

Saving the planet is probably the end game, but single-use plastic bags, toys, clothes and more struck a chord with Maury Filosano who was shocked by the built-in obsolescence of modern America. In addition to supporting the designers and manufacturers of truly organic, very ethical and recycled items, Maury has initiated ‘The Trash Run’.

In the interview, Maury and I have a joke about being “We sell products that are basically made from trash”

If you don’t think you can make a small difference to the planet every day, then please listen to the podcast with Maury Filosano.



We Make Products Made From Trash

Maury Filosano Encourages You To Do One Thing Each Day

It’s not all or nothing. You don’t have to live a totally sustainable life to contribute to a better planet. In the interview, Maury has lots of ideas around doing just one thing each day. One of these is ‘The Trash Run’. When you take your dog for a walk or go for a run or a hike, pick up one piece trash. This one simple action WILL help save our waterways and animal life from injury and even death.

Everything on is certified by Maury Filosano to be organic, ethical, sustainable or recycled. Check it out.

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Maury Filosano also stock the ethical and organic bow ties made by Angelo Igitego Collection, so please listen to the interview with co-founder, Anthony Gregorio, here on The Style Podcast.

Anne Hurley opened James & Co to sell stylish, faux leather jackets; Tarsha Burn designs organic and chemical-free cotton bedlinen; and Michelle Perkins has developed cleaning products that are organic and chemical-free… made from bacteria. Just click the blue link and go right to the podcast, here on The Style Podcast.

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