Mat Dusting had left his job in design and was spending time at his family’s farm in the West Country of the UK. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do… until…


As an avid ski and snow board fan, Mat Dusting was sick of his equipment bags becoming torn through bad design and weak fabrics. Kicking around the family farm one day, Mat spied something derelict in a paddock – a truck tarpaulin – made from thick canvas with a PVC coating to withstand heavy use on motorways. What Mat did next has led to a growing business.



Utilitarian, And Oh So Chic

Mat Dusting and the Road to Success with M-24

Mat wanted a name for his new business that sounded like a motorway. Using the first initial of his name and his age at the time he started his new business, M-24 was conceived. Having cobbled together his first bag from discarded tarpaulin and staples, Mat’s real challenge began. The process of finding tarpaulins, transporting them, cleaning them, pattern making, cutting, designing bags, sewing and then marketing were all new to Mat Dusting.

In the interview, Mat discusses the exhausting early work of doing everything by hand before gradually introducing new processes. Mat talks about keeping true to the core of the business. He shares the surprising response from women to the bags, and which designs are the most popular, and why.

There’s no doubt that Mat is really on to something and, three years down the tack, the business shows no signs of slowing down. M-24 bags are sold throughout the world, thanks to the magic of on-line selling.

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