Most people dream of owning property overseas, and who can blame them? A free place to stay in a tropical paradise, providing you with a quick escape from the stress of your daily routine. Bliss!

Since you’re not using your vacation home all year round, you can also use it to boost your income by renting it out to like-minded holidaymakers. After all, this perfect vacation home shouldn’t go to waste. However, if you want to make a reasonable income, you need to know how marketing vacation homes works. You won’t get far by just leasing it to your friends and relying on word of mouth. Here are some tips to help you market your holiday property to enthusiastic travellers.

marketing vacation homes

Marketing Vacation Homes: Profile

The first thing you should do is look at your property from an outsider’s perspective, and see what it offers to holidaymakers. Make note of any unique selling points, or nearby attractions, such as the beach, public transport, amenities, or the main city. Look at the old real estate brochure for inspiration; did they advertise it for families, a couple, or a big group? If so, perhaps this is who you should be advertising to. Once you’ve established what kind of property you have, take plenty of pictures, and go about creating an engaging profile.

marketing vacation homes

Marketing Vacation Homes: Website

Most advertising is done online because websites can reach a wide platform of customers. However, you aren’t going to attract any guests to your vacation home if your website isn’t interesting or convenient to use. If you undersell your property, no one is going to pay much attention when other properties in the area are better advertised.

You should make sure you include plenty of photographs of the property, preferably taking out any personal touches. Anyone who has ever sold a house will understand that this helps potential guests picture themselves enjoying their vacation in this house. Unlike traditional travel brochures, you have spent a lot of time in your vacation home, so you can use your experience to write the most effective profile. Without getting too personal, write about nearby attractions, the local people, and recommend a few places to visit.

Finally, make sure your contact details are easy to find. There’s no point putting in all that effort into marketing the property if no one can actually get in touch to arrange their stay. You can also create a social media page for your property and link it back to your website.

marketing vacation homes

Marketing Vacation Homes: Mistakes to Avoid

You can never include too much property information on your website. Your guests are taking a leap of faith by booking a property they have never seen before, so ensure the information will motivate them to book your property. You should also make sure your availability calendars are up to date to avoid booking confusion.

Finally, make sure you clearly display the rental rates, so travellers can decide whether or not they’re interested in your property. Ideally, display rental rates for the year ahead so people can make advanced bookings.

marketing vacation homes

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