Sometimes, you just need to make your home LOOK cleaner. Like when you get a call from your judgmental mother-in-law saying she’s popping over for the weekend. If your home is a real mess, don’t panic. 

Take a deep breath and take a look at these great tips for tricking visitors into thinking your home is much cleaner than it is.

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Stash Your Stuff

Whether there are toys all over the floor, a stack of dishes in the sink or clothes sprawled the length of your bed, instead of worrying about sorting it all out now, just stash it wherever you can. Throw your clothes in the closet, put the dished in the dishwasher, or even the oven if you’re totally desperate (gross I know) and toss toys in the nearest storage container or under the bed for a quick fix.

make your home look cleaner

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Take Care of the Three T’s

As a minimum, you should actually make an effort to clean any toilets in your home, along with the TV and any tabletops. Visitors will almost always visit the toilet and use tabletops. Many will also take the time to watch TV, and since these three things can get quite dusty and dirty quickly, cleaning these will instantly give your home a boost. Your guests will get the impression that you are on top of your chores. Natch!

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Clean the Floors

Your floor might be in such a state that limestone floor restoration is more apt than a quick run over with a mop, but you can leave that until you have more time. Simply mopping, and possible polishing your floors, if you have the time, will freshen them up and make a real difference to the rest of your home.

make your home look cleaner

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Light Candles

If your home is less than fresh, lighting scented candles, burning incense or simply spraying an essential oil-based room spray will make your home smell wonderfully clean. It’s the perceived freshness that will fool even the most discerning guest into thinking your home has just been deep cleaned.

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Get Rid of Pet Hair

If you have a cat or dog, despite your best efforts, their hair can get everywhere. A quick way to get rid of their fur from your furniture is to use a rubber brush, or at a pinch a rubber glove, to sweep the area – it will pick up those stray hairs in no time at all. Your guests will be free to sit down without having to worry about looking like the Yeti when they get up again.

make your home look cleaner

Make Your Home Look Cleaner: Do a Five-Minute Blitz

If all else fails, a furious five-minute clean-up might just suffice. For this to be effective, you should concentrate only on the areas your guests are most likely to visit, such as the bathroom. So, if you’re living room carpet is looking a bit dusty, quickly run a vacuum over it. If your kitchen surfaces are untidy, chuck all the clutter in the cupboard and give them a fast wipe down. It won’t exactly clean your home, but it will make it appear cleaner, and sometimes that’s all you need.

make your home look cleaner

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make your home look cleaner

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