Lucie Doughty has styled the celebrity tresses of Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Joss Stone, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jamie King, Ellen Degeneres and many more.

As a child, Lucie loved going to her Mother’s hairdressing salon and seeing the happy and delighted clients. In this interview, you’ll hear Lucie Doughty explain why she became a hairdresser and how she came to be Global Editorial Director for the iconic Paul Mitchell brand. Growing up in England,  Lucie worked in Japan and Germany before being lured to the USA with an offer she just couldn’t refuse.

She’s an award-winning colourist, creates hair styles for the biggest red carpet events and is the go-to hair stylist for fashion magazines including Cosmopolitan, Allure and Vogue.  Her story is exciting and inspiring as she follows the career she loves and passions that fuel her creativity.

The Styling Magic of Lucie Doughty

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Getting to know Lucie Doughty

I had a great chat with Lucie just before the Australian Hair Expo where she was demonstrating new techniques, colours and products. In he interview Lucie talked about creating the ‘Colour Curriculum’ for the Paul Mitchell School and gave her advice on new season hair styles and colours. We discussed the fact that ‘anything goes’ these days in terms of colour… and what she REALLY thinks about Kelly Osbourne’s lavender hair.

Visiting Australia has also been a highlight of Lucie’s year as she has been meeting with fellow hair stylists, colourists and trend setters that she has only ‘known’ through social media. She says meeting them face-to-face is exciting to continue exchanging ideas, tips and trends.

Listen as Lucie explains what it means to be an educator in the hair industry, keeping abreast of (or creating) new trends, her love of colour and why she feels ‘at home’ with the Paul Mitchell family.

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Lucie Recommends

Paul Mitchell has a huge selection of products for any hair type, condition, or style. Lucie shared her fave with us.

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Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray : Smells absolutely DELICIOUS adding aroma and glossy shine to your finished ‘do’.

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Extra Body Finishing Spray : Lucie’s favourite product for its ability to hold, be brushed out, and hair re-styled.

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Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Spray : Gives hair the toussled sexiness and waves like you’ve spent a day at the beach.

Did You Know…

The Paul Mitchell Hair Care brand has been iconic for over 30 years. With a network of 50,000 salons in 81 countries, 14,000 students graduate from one of 100+ Paul Mitchell Schools EVERY YEAR. The name says it all, because all graduates from a Paul Mitchell School take with them the name that says innovation, excellence and commitment to quality.


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