Remember the loving feeling you had when you first moved in to your home? Or maybe that loving feeling when you realised how amazing it could be after a renovation.

Have you lost that loving feeling? All relationships have a rocky patch here and there. Your relationship with your home is no different. However, relationships need work, too.

If you feel like that loving feeling is starting to slip away from you and your house, then you shouldn’t just stand by. It’s time to find it again, and make the changes that are going to help you preserve it.

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How To Get Back That Loving Feeling

Get Refreshing

Before you start making any drastic changes, it’s worth thinking about one or two that can change the way you look at the whole space. For instance, consider the impact of lighting and how introducing a little more of it can make any space immediately look less drab.

If a room feels cold or dark, then allow more natural light in as Energy Australia recommends by using lighter coloured fabrics and walls and position furniture to allow it to flow better through the home. Move heavy furniture away from windows to allow more natural light to flow in.


loving feeling

Embrace Space

Light is part of the illusion that creates a more spacious comfortable home. Of course, better than an illusion is the real thing. Minimalism is starting to catch on in a big way as more and more homeowners realise how prone they are to clutter the home up a lot of unnecessary bits and pieces.

Instead of changing your style entirely, try scaling it back first.


Expand Your Horizons

If you want to add space to the home, then adding genuine usable square feet is going to offer even more options. Whether it’s converting a garage, finishing an attic, or adding actual space with an extension.

This can drastically improve the utility of the home, giving you an extra space whether you want to use it for storage, an extra bedroom or bathroom, a home office or whatever you feel you’re missing.


Follow Your Instincts

One of the problems that many people have when they’re looking at why their home doesn’t have that fresh, exciting feeling anymore is thanks to the priorities assumed when first decorating. One of the foibles of many contemporary and minimalist design choices is that they don’t take into account the emotional instinct, instead choosing to make it look as clean, neat, and distinctly show-roomy as possible.

If you feel like you’ve gone too far away from the instinctual side of design, start finding your personal style once again.


loving feeling

Step It Up

Time is of the essence. You want a home, not a project that you seem to be continuously working on. If you don’t have the time, resources, and relevant expertise to make the necessary changes yourself, find those who can.

Look at experienced services like The Renovation Company that can lend you a hand and get the wheels turning. The longer you spend fixing up the home, the more of a disruption it becomes, the more likely you are to feel like your efforts aren’t taking you anywhere you want to be.

Deconstructing the home conceptually and finding what it’s lacking is going to be the easiest way to repair that strained relationship. At the same time, make sure you’re accounting for the things you love about the home.

Reminding ourselves of what we would miss if we no longer had them is a great way to convince yourself the house is worth fighting for.

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