Lorraine Lock is one of Australia’s most innovative and influential Fashion and Public Relations icons working today.

As a co-founder of Australia Fashion Week and The Design Residency, Lorraine talks about what it takes to be in public relations, how to recognize a Fashion Editor, supporting young designers and innovation in presenting designer collections to an eager audience.

Lorraine Lock explains that the fashion landscape has changed with the advent of social media and ‘fashion bloggers. It seems that anyone who has an interest in fashion thinks they can write about it, despite not having a fashion, textile, pattern-making or design background or knowing the history of fashion.

“A pair of cut out jeans, sky high heels and a statement handbag doesn’t say Fashion Editor to me” Lorraine Lock

Quite frankly, I was shocked

when Lorraine said that many designers send information to ‘bloggers’ only to receive back a rate card. She says young designers struggling to pay for their sample range can’t spend $1,000 on a blog post. Just for the record, our sister site Don’t Call Me Penny, which promotes fashion, design, architecture and interiors brands, has NEVER charged $1,000 for a blog post in it’s LIFE!!!! And THAT site is incredibly professional, well-written and high profile. Just sayin’


The Design Residency

Now working with and mentoring young designers at The Design Residency, Lorraine and her team provide support, business and marketing advice alongside a fabulous pop-up shop. The pop-up shop changes every month and provides to young designers an opportunity to engage with the public and make sales.

Also working with Raffles and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, this revealing interview with Lorraine Lock covers a lot of ground and is perfect listening for anyone in fashion, design or public relations.

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