Light bright interiors are what everyone craves for at least most of their home (moody media rooms exempted). So how you can get more light and brightness into your home?

Creating light bright interiors that you love can often feel like a lot of work. Not only does it take a lot of interior design planning, but it also requires a significant budget and an awful lot of time. Or so we’re most likely to believe.

Yes, working on your home isn’t always straight forward, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t always have to be the disaster you expect it to be. At the same time, it doesn’t always have to cost the earth either.

Because if you really want to create an interior space that you love, you can do it relatively easily by focusing on two key things; lightness and brightness.

light bright interiors

Creating Light Bright Interiors

Regardless of your favored interiors styles, or how you like things to look, making the most of the light in your home, and injecting brightness will always create a finished look that you’ll love.

And the best thing about working with this method, is that it really doesn’t have to cost you the earth. In fact, you can make the most of both with a very minimal budget.

Of course, you can also go to town and spend as much as you like – if the budget is there. So if you’re ready to transform your home with light and brightness, here’s how to do it.

Open Everything Up

The first thing you should think about doing is opening up the living space. Of everything we’re going to talk through, this is something that could require the biggest amount of budget.

Because open plan living can require a level of building work if your entire home is sectioned off. But it’s worth it. When you open everything up, you’ll not only have a lot more space, but your home will be lighter and brighter too. Consider where you can take out a wall or put in bi-fold doors to the outside. Always check with a registered builder with regards structural beams and taking out walls.

If you already have an open plan living space, this is a step that you can skip.

Let The Light In

Next, consider making the most of the natural light you have. If you are looking to change the floor plan that you have, then see how you can work natural light into the equation too.

With bigger windows and sliding doors, you’ll find that you’re able to get a lot more light into your home. Even if you’re not planning on doing much building work, this is something you should think about to allow more light into your living space.

And The Sky

But there’s no need to limit yourself here. Think about the ways in which you can let in some light from above too. Because skylights will allow you to really brighten up any space.

If you’re thinking of extending your home, this is something to which you should give some serious thought. If your home is naturally quite dark, think about installing a skylight or light well where required.

light bright interiors

Work With White

From here, think about your use of color. Or, the use of non-color to be exact. Because the best way to brighten up your home in an instant is with the use of all-white interiors.

When you use white, it instantly brightens up the room. It can make even the smallest of spaces look so much bigger. Even if you’re a fan of darker colors, use light colors on the walls and save darker tones for a feature wall or furniture. However, generally choose a warm white not white that has too much ‘blue’ otherwise the room will look clinical.

light bright interiors

Freshen Up The Paint

If you’re not too keen on turning everything white, considering giving all your walls a new lick of paint anyway. Dull paint can always make things look so much darker. So if you want to make sure that things start to look a bit brighter, then freshen up the paint.

Brighten Up The Details

But don’t just stop there. If you have woodwork, or even things like coving and skirting, then look at painting those too. To create light bright interiors paint the ceiling, architraves, and trims in the same neutral colour as the walls only in a semi-gloss paint.

When you use pale neutral tones, add vitalty with textures in acessories such as cushions, drapes, rugs, throws, lampshades, and plants.

light bright interiors

Plush Design Interiors

Add In Mirrors

Your next step is something so much easier and quicker to work on. And it can be as cost-effective as you like too. Mirrors make your home look bigger and brighter, so they’re always a great accessory to add in.

If you can, try to work a mirror into each room. If you have particularly small rooms in your home, try and open them up as much as possible with a big mirror in a prime place.

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