A last minute house move is not high on anyone’s priority list. But sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise.

If you are ever faced with having to make a last minute house move, then I hope it’s in your best interests. Perhaps your house sold super fast and the new owners wanted immediate possession, paying you lots of money for the privilege. That would be nice.

Ideally, we’d all love the full eight weeks that apparently is the optimum time to plan and pack for a house move. However, sometimes it just doesn’t quite work out that way. Fret not, if you’ve been lumbered with a situation that demands a quick relocation turnaround then look no further. Here are three top tips for making a last minute house move smooth.

last minute house move

Be Ruthless

This is not a time to be too sentimental with all the little nic nacs in your home because a last minute house move is a time for calculated action. The less you have to pack the less you have to move so going through your belongings with a fine tooth comb is a great idea. Get rid of anything that you’re not really attached to and get all old clothes and unwanted household items down to the charity shop.

Get your children to do the same. Ask them to make a pile of the stuff that they no longer wear, use or play with. You should then vet all these items to make sure that they definitely can be discarded.

last minute house move

Buy Supplies

You need to go out and get all the materials and packing supplies in order to make your moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Being short on time, you can’t shop around for these items so get straight down to your moving store or supply shop and start working on all the items you need. You will need a range of cardboard boxes in a wide range of sizes.

Bubble wrap for protecting delicate items and the corners of bulkier items such as wardrobes and beds. You will need protective wrapping for items such as sofas and any other textiles that you don’t want to get dirty in the move. You will also need large, hard wearing plastic bags for clothes and other textiles such as towels and rugs.

An efficient last minute house move is all in the planning and organising. So start by taking a breath and putting pen to paper to work through a timeline schedule, a packing list, and a list of packing materials that you’ll need. With the above in mind, you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time at all.

last minute house move

Reach Out For Help

First things first, you’re going to need help. Call on friends, family, and certainly a few trained professionals to get you through the next couple of weeks.

It’s never easy to impose upon friends to help you move. A little extra persuasion never goes astray so tempt them over with the promise of a little wine and a few nibbles and make a little party out of it. Multiple hands make light work so get as many of your closest pals over as possible. Make sure you have a plan in place so you can keep on top of everything that is being packed and in which boxes.

You are also going to need to contact a team of professional Removalists as soon as possible. Look around for trustworthy and reliable home removal companies in your area that are not going to let you down at the last minutes and who will take great care of your belongings.

Happy moving.

last minute house move

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