Your kitchen is the hub of the house, so don’t be put off your food by ugly, crummy decor. If your kitchen makes you queasy then now might be the time to renovate.

If you’re currently not proud of your kitchen, wake up to a refreshed space that says “let’s DO this” when you start your day. Beginning with a healthy breakfast is one thing. Preparing and eating it in a cool new space is another. PLUS, kitchens and bathrooms SELL houses so, when it comes time to move, you will have added great value to your sale price. If you’re not in the mood for a full renovation, here are few small changes that could transform your kitchen.

Fix your flooring

Patterned linoleum or, God forbid, carpet (I’ve seen it in kitchens before), needs to be the first thing you tackle. Find a clean and neat solution such as tiles, cork or wood flooring. Many places sell laminate flooring that looks like real wood – it’s easier to clean, less prone to wear and tear, and sometimes even cheaper. When choosing tiles, try to avoid patterns or gaudy colours which will date quickly. For large areas of empty floor space, a rug can help fill the void.

Transform the lights

The way you use lighting can greatly affect the mood of the kitchen. For kitchens with earthy colours and woods, warm lighting can help bring the place to life. For glossy kitchens incorporating a lot of metal and marble, cool lighting can give it a clean and calm feel. Try incorporating ceiling spotlights and pendant lights rather than your average central bulb.


Colour code

Matching utensils to the same colour scheme can give your kitchen an organised and charming aesthetic. Whether it’s all shiny metallic or lime green, the uniform colour will make your kitchen feel more organised. Places such as K-Mart and Bed Bath and Table have a great selection of coloured utensils. There are also many options if you prefer wood and natural fibres. Wooden utensils with paint dipped handles are very popular. I saw a great selection at Spotlight.

Allow more counter space

Don’t let your kitchen countertops get cluttered up with chopping boards, pots and pans, ornaments, jars and utensils to the point that you have no space to prepare food. Find space in your kitchen cupboards to put these belongings, or create new storage space.Have you ever thought about installing a small (or large) wine fridge? They can be as little as a few hundred dollars for one the size of a mini bar fridge.


If you don’t have room in your kitchen for new cabinets, you could always get a sideboard for the living room. This can be used for storing plates, bowls and quirky kitchen utensils that you don’t use regularly. You may even find it beneficial to declutter some of your cupboards. How many of us have overflowing amounts of mugs?


Sideboard from Brosa Furniture

Freshen up the cabinets

Old wooden kitchen cabinets may be scratched or peeling paint. Alternatively, they may just look cheap or be a horrible colour. Replacing these will dramatically alter the look of your kitchen and may be cheaper than other forms of renovation. If you currently don’t have enough storage space, this may also give you the opportunity to install bigger cabinets. Some cabinets can have a lot of headroom above that can be used for extra shelving. Note that you may also be able to incorporate hooks and a magnetic strip for extra storage opportunities.


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