Kitchen improvements can be very expensive or… they can be quick and easy. If you have a need to make some kitchen improvements that are budget-friendly and easy to achieve, then you’ll find some great tips here.

A change of season is the perfect time to make changes to your home decor. You want the uplift experienced via the change in weather to be reflected in your house. That’s especially true of kitchen improvements, as we seem to spend so much time in the kitchen/living space.

So now is the time to add some light and freshness to your home, even if it’s a rental. Read on to discover some easy kitchen improvements for 2019.

Easy Kitchen Improvements: Add An Accent Wall

One easy change you can make is to paint one of the walls in your kitchen and make it an accent wall.

This is a home trend that has been popular for a number of years now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. A feature wall in a darker tonal colour or bold bright can add character and depth to a kitchen. Paint is a very easy option and so is removable wallpaper.

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Island Life Ready Made Wall Mural from Fancify. Regular price $349.80

That’s right, there are now beautiful wallpapers designed to be easy to hang and very easy to remove. Great for rentals… or for people who chnage their mind a lot. Try Fancify for stylish inspiration.


Easy Kitchen Improvements: Hang Voile Curtains

There are lots of fantastic curtain trends gaining attention at the moment. But when it comes to Spring and Summer there is no better type of curtain than voiles. Head to for some inspiration. They allow ample sunshine into your home during the warm days, and so this is the perfect way to let Spring truly take over.

Their lightweight quality is ideal for these seasons. Nonetheless, you may be surprised to learn that they can offer the desired amount of privacy as well. Therefore, the perfect balance is achieved.

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The sheer and lightweight quality of voile curtains make them ideal warm months and they are highly stylish as well. Sheers have a graceful and elegant style which can often be difficult to emulate when purchasing curtains.

They will add a high fashion element to any room they are placed in – very rarely do voile curtains look cheap. This is ironic considering you can find voiles available at really low prices on the internet today.


The Kitchen Improvements You Can’t See

Improving your kitchen is not only about the things that you can see but also improving the functionality of your kitchen as well. There are a number of different ways that you can do this.

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Check out to find out about the product you can get installed to improve the quality of the water in your kitchen. This will result in clean and healthy drinking water. This is another perfect kitchen improvement for any time of year.


Artwork Will Add Another Dimension

Another easy way to make a big change to your kitchen without spending a lot of money, or making a lot of effort, is with a statement piece of art. This is something that can completely transform your kitchen, becoming the focal point of the room.

Buy a print or original work you love, or dedicate a wall for your children’s art work. Given children seem to come home from school with varied art works all the time, you can change the display fairly regularly.

Hopefully, you now feel inspired to make some changes to your kitchen this year. The changes that have been mentioned do not require a lot of effort, but they will make a big difference!

Need More Kitchen Design Help?

Let Plush Design Interiors create a new open plan kitchen and living space linked to your outdoor living. Plush will re-design your existing floor plans and create 3D floor plans and perspectives so you can easily see what you space could look like. Contact Penelope on 0421 043 505 or for an Adelaide Hills interior designer.

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3D floor plan re-design perspective of a client space by Penelope Herbert, Plush Design Interiors

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