It is highly likely you will have at least ONE of the kitchen gadgets designed by award-winning American inventor, David Holcombe, in your home

His rabbit-ear pepper grinder is iconic, and was launched FIRST in Australia. After the world saw Australian’s loving this cute idea, that actually works, everyone wanted one. Selling 40 million units of that one product, saw the former skateboard designer turned inventor design more than 40 products over 30 years, winning over 20 design awards in the process.

Kitchen Gadgets from Chef’n

David Holcombe

I did have a few laughs with Chef ‘n CEO and Head Inventor, David Holcombe, as we discussed his rise from skateboard designer – made heaps of money, lost lots of money – to his first invention and how Australian’s embraced his kitchen gadgets FIRST. How many people do you know who have the pepper grinder shaped like rabbbit ears? It makes grinding pepper with one hand a cinch! Whilst it wasn’t David’s first invention it was the one that launched a worldwide success after Australian’s embraced it FIRST.

David’s ‘rabbit ears’ have sold 40 million units and he’s been inventing kitchen gadgets for over 30 years. Does he REALLY line vegetables along the bench and then try to figure out how to peel them better? Does he have pet names for his designs? – He does, and you’ll love what it is. In talking abiut kitchen gadgets we had to disuss the kitchen of the future. David has some cool ideas about what future kitchens will look like – but what was MY suggestion that caused him to offer me a JOB!

He’s a funny guy who loves inventing and now supplies over 40 countries globally. See his Pop Top Popcorn Popper over on our sister site, Don’t Call Me Penny.

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