Keeping fashion fit is like keeping your body fit; look after it and it will last longer. Many great fashion items can be preserved and used with a little extra care. And… everything old is new again, right?

Don’t you just hate it when your favourite jumper gets bobbly, or your jeans start to fade? When you love your clothes, you want them to last, and there’s nothing more frustrating (and costly) than having to get rid of your clothes or throw them away when you could be keeping fashion fit.

Taking steps to preserve your clothes can make them last longer, keeping them looking fresh in your wardrobe so that they’re always in style. Take a look at these top keeping fashion fit tips.

keeping fashion fit

Always read the washing label

Reading the washing label may seem like common sense, but how often do you just make assumptions about your clothes?

Washing instructions are there for a reason and can help make sure that your clothes retain their colour, shape and feel. It takes no time at all to read a label, so always double check before you wash.

Meanwhile, if you’re struggling with difficult stains, try these top cleaning hacks to help you get rid of them.

keeping fashion fit

Keep pests (and pets) at bay

Imagine this situation. You reach into your wardrobe for your favourite wool knit or silk blouse to find that it’s been eaten by moths. GASP!

Not only that, but your favourite shoes could easily get ruined by the four-legged friends who live with you. Keeping fashion fit means keeping your clothes safe by ensuring you store them carefully. Keep them in a cool, dry place and don’t leave things lying around your home.

If you struggle with a problem such as moths, contact AllPest to get them sorted. Don’t let your clothes fall victim to avoidable accidents; you’ll kick yourself for not being careful.

keeping fashion fit

Protect delicate fabrics

Some of the most expensive fabrics, such as leather and suede, can be among the easiest to ruin – particularly when it comes to light fabrics.

Avoid damaging them by using fabric protectors to keep them looking as good as day one. Try to avoid mixing light fabrics with denim and dyed fabrics as these can transfer and ruin your accessories easily.

On the other hand, if you have clothes that are fading, you might want to consider using fabric dye to bring them back to life.

keeping fashion fit

Keep spare buttons and beading somewhere safe

What do you do with those spare buttons and beads that come attached to your clothing? If you’re guilty of losing them, you’re not alone.

By keeping them somewhere safe, you’ll be able to reattach any missing bits easily and keep your clothes looking in amazing condition.

It also helps to buy some spare buttons that you can use to refresh your clothes if you start becoming tired of them.

It can be difficult to stay stylish every day, but having clothes that are still look as clean and fresh as when they were bought can really help keep your look on point.

Keeping fashion fit will help you save money and help you hold on to your favourite items for longer. Start taking care of your clothes and the rewards will be worth it.

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