Joe Tirimacco was a successful property developer and renovator before turning his attentions to being a highly-qualified mortgage broker.

In speaking with Joe, I was stunned at how much I DIDN’T know about what a mortgage broker does, and can do. If you are trying to save for your first home, want to leverage equity to buy an investment property, think you’re paying too much interest or need to consolidate expenditure then you’ll learn so much from this revealing interview.

You’ll also want to listen if you’ve been turned down by a bank or can’t get your bank to recognize your current income and investments. Whilst it’s wildly interesting, this information is general and does not replace specific information you’ll get from speaking personally to a mortgage broker.

Home Inspiration : Joe can help you get there

Joe Tirimacco

You may be wondering how a mortgage broker came to be featured on The Style Podcast. Yes, it’s a little left of field for a style site… or is it? Interviews with Architects, Interior Designers, Landscapers, Textile Designers, Furniture Designers and more will be featured here… all items relevant for the home.

Many of you will be home buyers, home owners, investors and renovators so you’ll be keen to know how you can buy, renovate, or sell your home in order to up-grade, down-grade, invest or leverage equity. So having Joe Tirimacco on The Style Podcast makes perfect sense, right?

You’ll hear Joe talk about why there is no such thing as loyalty anymore. Banks aren’t loyal to YOU so why should you be loyal to them? Older people particularly seem to think they should be with the same bank for the entirety of their loan. You’ll hear Joe say ‘NO’ and give great reasons why not.

Maybe a bank has told you they can’t loan you money even though you have a home loan with them, or maybe they don’t recognize certain income, like child support, for example. Joe will provide information on why a Mortgage Broker can help you find the perfect solution for your individual situation.

In a future interview, I’ll be talking to Joe, and Nick Corbett from First Choice Accounting, about ‘flipping’ – buying a home to renovate and ‘flip’. For the same reasons this finance topic has been included on The Style Podcast, the interview with Joe and Nick covers the relationship you need to have between Accountant and Mortgage Broker, tax implications, turning a profit, and why developing may be preferable to flipping. Fascinating.

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