Interviewing Jacynth Bassett was a little surprising. I wasn’t expecting a 24 year old entrepreneur to be so passionate about style and fashion for women over forty.

Most young women Jacynth’s age are more interested in fashion for themselves than fashion for older women, let alone creating a business from it. But it seems studying law didn’t hold the same degree of interest for Jacynth as dressing people beautifully. In this interview, Jacynth discusses what propels her to focus a fashion boutique on women in their 40’s, 50’s, and  beyond.

We talk about fabric, tailoring, finding what suits you, body image, confidence, disposable income… and why many fashion designers may be doing themselves a great disservice by neglecting the ‘Fashion Over 40’ demographic.. FASHION being the key word.



Style Over 40 is Very Much in Fashion

The Bias Cut with Jacynth Bassett

I spoke with Jacynth from her base in London (UK). She started a blog in July 2015 from an idea formulated in 2012 while she was studying law. Having been President of the Cambridge University Law Society she thought about running a business around fashion. She loved fashion but also because her Mother had said she felt invisible to the fashion industry. Jacynth soon found out that many women felt the same as her Mother. So she started a blog to address issues of ageism in fashion.

She was stunned at the response. Not only were hundreds of women suffering the same ‘invisible’ syndrome but they found it refreshing that a young woman was interested in their plight. Some of the stories shared with her were appalling in their degree of ageism. It really was as if women were not relevant over 40.

“People talk a lot about anti-ageing but what about ‘pro-ageing’, there’s nothing wrong with ageing. It’s about looking and feeling good and there’s nothing wrong with that” says Jacynth Bassett

Jacynth thinks that a large part of the bias starts at fashion school, which we discuss in some detail. We also talk about designers not having the ability to adapt and ‘dress’ women whose body shape has changed after having children. Jacynth’s on-line boutique ‘’ provides fashionable, stylish, wearable and fabulous clothing for older women who have active lifestyles. She says she won’t work with designers that don’t share her ethos of women being relevant, sexy, fashionable and fabulous.

All models featured here and in all Jacynth’s advertising are ‘real women’ over 40 and even over 50 and 60. She says women want to be seen, be seen as stylish, and be relevant no matter their age.

If you don’t believe in ageism in fashion and you love seeing what women wear no matter their age, then you’ll love this revealing, interesting and thought-provoking interview with Jacynth Bassett.


Meet Jacynth Bassett and On-Line

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