House nightmares and money pits are tags often assigned to the renovation of old homes. But it’s not just renovations that may cause you to think twice about your ‘investment’.

Owning and running a home isn’t always going to be plain sailing. Occasionally you are going to come up against problems that need addressing. But many people put off resolving these issues when they shouldn’t. After all, why let your house be a nightmare when it could be your dream home?

house nightmares

House Nightmares: Damp

Damp is a problem that is not only prevalent in older properties but newer ones too. This is because newly built places often take time to settle. This can cause small cracks that will let in moisture.

So what can you do about a damp problem? Well, the first thing is to not settle for it! Damp isn’t just a miserable living condition, but it can also have a real effect on people’s health as well.

To deal with issues of damp in your home, you first need to work out where it is coming from. If there is an internal pipe leak, it’s probably quite easy to resolve. The same goes for blocked and leaky guttering, meaning that water is overflowing onto the outer wall of your home.

More problematic situations include things like rising damp which is when water from the surrounding area is being leached up through the foundations of your home. Do the pathways around your home fill up with water in heavy rain? Are your lawns very wet? Then you may have water under your foundations too. In this situation, it’s always worth consulting a professional for some advice.

house nightmares

House Nightmares: Temperature

The temperature in your home can also be a cause of consternation. You don’t want to be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. But how can this balance be achieved? Well, try using specialist products like Aerolite insulation. These are designed to keep heat in during winter and promote a cool environment in the summer. Perfect!

You can also consider a facility like air conditioning or a solar window coating for homes that are particularly hot in the summer. Whereas underfloor heating and double glazed windows are a good bet for colder properties.

house nightmares

House Nightmares: Noise Pollution

Something that can be a problem in a lot of homes, but folks just tend to put up with, is noise pollution. It could be that you can hear your neighbors every time they roll over in bed.  Or that you get the full effect of the TV downstairs in the living room when you are trying to sleep upstairs.

There are specialty products available that help to insulate for sound as well as heat. It’s a good idea to install these in the partitions between rooms in your own home for an added layer of privacy. Also, be considerate of your downstairs neighbors if you are living in an apartment. Do this by using noise insulation as an extra layer when ripping up carpets to put down hardwood or laminate floors.

house nightmares

House Nightmares: Space

Another major problem that most homes have, to some extent, is space. Unless you are living is a pristine mansion, and you have someone to organize and clean all of your possessions! In fact, it is often possessions that are the problem no matter the square footage of your home.

If this is the case for you, take a look at some of the more minimalistic and Zen methods of dealing with clutter as they can help you reclaim your home as your own.

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