House moving stress affects different people in different ways. One thing is for sure, moving rarely goes smoothly.

As far as stressful life events go, moving house is up there with the best of them. Even if you are moving to the house of your dreams, it’s pretty likely that the process itself will create house moving stress – often for reasons that could have been avoided.

Of course, planning a big move when you work a full-time job, or when you have kids to look after, is always easier said than done. But this is definitely one scenario where it pays to be prepared.

Not only can moving day be mentally and emotionally draining, but it can also be physically taxing too. Naturally, you will want to be in a position to enjoy the first night in your new home stress-free.

By following some of these tips, you can ensure a house moving stress free time – you’ll be unpacked before you know it!

house moving stress

Make Labels Your Best Friend

If you’re anything like most people who move house, chances are you’ll be packing most of your belongings up into boxes. Secured with duct tape, cardboard boxes are a pretty failsafe way to transport your possessions from A to B. But once they’re all sealed up, how are you going to know what’s in them?

Not labeling your boxes is a rookie error for a mover, especially as you may have very delicate items in certain ones. Get hold of some cheap stickers and a Sharpie and mark clearly what is in each box – it will save you house moving stress at each end of your move, and the hassle of having to pen every box to find what you need NOW.

Give Yourself The Best Access

You may think that the problems are over when you get all your stuff to your new property – but in fact, this can be where the real challenge of house moving stress begins. If you are moving to an apartment block, you will need to consider how you are going to get all your boxes and furniture up the stairs or in the elevator.

If you are moving somewhere rural, you will need to make sure that the ground is suitable for parking on, so you can get the removal van as close to your property as possible.

Even if you are using the cheapest removalist, there are always things you can do to make everyone’s lives a little easier. Even something as simple as bringing doorstops to hold all the doors open with can be a lifesaver, as it means you are not always having to put down the boxes to open doors.

house moving stress

Give Yourself Enough Time

Very few people manage to move house in just one day – although plenty of people do try! But this can lead to a very hectic day with definite house moving stress, and no one likes moving on a time limit.

To minimize stress and rush, spread your move out over a few days instead. Even if it means just taking a few items over to your new place after work, it can make all the difference on the day you finally have to hand over your keys.

house moving stress

Relax and have a wine

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