House move stress is something everyone faces. Let’s be honest; by the time we get to our new home, the excitement has often worn off. Hard work will do that!

But, there’s no denying that some home moves are more of an event than others. In fact many of the moves we make mark major turning points in our lives. Whether you’re going through one of these major moves, or are facing one in the future, we’re going to look at how you can cope.


The first main house move for most of us is that of moving from the family home. In a lot of ways, this is the most stressful. And, it often marks the main leap of independence in your life.

You won’t know about paying bills, rent, or mortgages. And, you won’t have any furniture. For the most part, try not to worry about bills. You can gain some idea of how much you’ll be paying, but that amount is usually more than you’re expecting.

Focus, instead, on finding somewhere that fits comfortably within your price range. That way, you’ll have plenty of money left over. This may be all about independence, but it’s worth taking your parents along on house viewings.

You may hate to admit it, but they know more than you do! Oh, and don’t forget furniture. Get started on this as soon as possible, and find out what your parents are happy for you to take. You may live with boxes of cutlery in your room for a while, but it’s a step worth taking!

house move stress

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House Move Stress #2 MOVING FOR YOUR JOB

The next move of note is a move to be closer to your job. This doesn’t happen for everyone, but many of us would rather move than commute. And, if you want to progress far in your career, a relocation is often on the cards.

What steps you take here depend on how far the move is. If you’re moving across the country, planning is essential. You need to keep an eye on houses and arrange all your viewings in a weekend.

If you’re moving overseas, you’ll need to do the same, and consider international removalists. Moving in as short a time as possible will make your life easier. Don’t fall into the trap of leaving things behind and picking them up over time. Get it done and start your new life.

house move stress


The last move of note is when you move in with your partner. If all goes well, this will be the start of the rest of your life. Moving in with somebody is far from easy.

While you only had yourself to consider for those other moves, you now have to work with your partner to ensure everyone’s happiness. The best way to get through this is communication. Be clear what matters most to each of you in a home. And, no matter how stressful things get, remember that you’re doing it for love!

house move stress

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