A house extension is a big consideration for numerous reasons – financial, land space, over-capitalisation, and more.

If you have been thinking about trying to increase your property’s space for some time, you will have no doubt considered a house extension.

This can add on a lot of space and, in some cases, you can even add on a whole extra room to your house. But is it really worth it? As with any kind of DIY or home improvement work, there are some things that can go wrong and cause you major problems.

Even though most of them are easy to work around, they can result in a lot of stress and sleepless nights. Are you really up for confronting these issues? Here are some of the main reasons to think twice about a house extension.


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The Neighbours Might Complain

When you do decide to go ahead with a house extension, you will need to get planning permission before you go ahead. During the application process, your neighbours may get the chance to review your blueprints and officially submit any complaints, if they have any.

This might result in your planning permission not getting passed. If this is the case, you might find that this irreversibly changes the relationship between you and your neighbours. Even if you once were friendly, you might not be after this rift.


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You Will Need To Juggle Contractors

The chances are that you will need to hire a few different contractors to help you with your extension work. For instance, you will almost certainly need an architect to draw up plans and blueprints for you.

You’ll also need a building firm who can work from these plans and erect your extension. If you don’t have the flair for decorating, you’ll also need some interior designers on board.

Some people find that it can be stressful juggling so many contractors and that things get work if each different firm is unable to work with another one for various reasons.


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Don’t Call Me Penny

You’ll Need More Contractors If Things Go Wrong

Problems happen, even if you hire the best workers for the job. If your building work does run into some problems, you might need to hire other contractors to help with the repairs and maintenance.

Paterson Supplies roof repairs will be able to take care of issues in the roof while a carpenter will be able to solve any problems with the actual structure. There are, of course, other handymen who you can contact to remedy different issues.

Sure, they can solve your problems, but they will all cost you extra money!


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Don’t Call Me Penny

It Will Be You Vs The Weather

An extension counts as outdoor work, and that means all the contractors you hire will be carefully watching the weather forecast so that they can plan your house extension work.

They won’t be able to work during wet weather. If the weather is bad for a long time, this can be bad news for your extension, and it could end up being delayed for quite a while.

So, if you aren’t prepared to sit around and wait for the weather, then maybe getting an extension isn’t for you!

What will you decide?

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