Keeping the house cool is a priority when summer hits. And when it does, there are a few things we can be certain about.

There will be plenty of great new clothing lines hitting the stores, lots of invitations for al fresco parties and celebrations, and more hours in the day to get everything done!

Sounds pretty dreamy, right? It’s little wonder that for many people, summer is their favorite season. If you live in a place that is guaranteed good weather, even better! But as you may already know, sometimes the high temperatures aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

After months of wearing multiple sweaters and curling up under your sofa blanket 82-degree sunshine might sound like a dream come true – but maybe only for the first few hours of it. After a while, your summer dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, with your home becoming a human-sized oven.

The issue with many modern homes in suburban areas is that they are not designed to offer lots of respite from any extreme weather – and that means from heatwaves, too. This level of heat inside the home can quickly make you feel stressed and irritable – you may lose your cool if you’re trying to keep the house cool. So take a look at these ways to make your property a chilled out haven even in the height of summer.

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Cook al fresco

Ever got in from work to a red hot kitchen, then tried to cook a family meal? If you have, you’ll know it’s no fun – and if you haven’t, you probably don’t want to try it!

Kitchens can be hot at the best of times, with the steam produced from your pots and pans lingering in the room, even if you have an extractor fan. Opening the windows often seems like the most viable option, but even that can offer little relief, and you could also invite insects into your home this way too.

A much better, and more fun option is to try your hand at cooking outside. Get hold of a state of the art BBQ grill – you would be surprised at how many different things you can cook on them. Being outdoors means you are not trapped in the heat of the kitchen. This is much more relaxing for you and keeps the house cool.

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Switch up your bedroom

Hot weather can be especially draining for some people, making them feel sleepy quicker than usual. This is why it can be especially annoying if you can’t sleep at night because your bedroom is too hot.

One common reason behind this is because many people are not dressing their bed appropriately for summer time. Ditch the heavy winter duvet and replace it with cal king sheets. Understandably, many people don’t feel comfortable sleeping without some covering, but by picking something lightweight, you can have the best of both worlds.

If your bedroom lets in a lot of light, you may also want to make a point of closing your curtains or blinds during the daytime. This can make the room feel a little claustrophobic, but it’s guaranteed to keep it cooler in the long run. When you block sunlight it will keep the house cool.

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Install cooling facilities

If your home doesn’t have an air conditioning unit, and it gets hot where you live every year without fail, what exactly are you waiting for? Sure, they can be expensive, and they cn use a lot of power. But as many of us know, sometimes the need for relief from the heat is great enough to warrant something like this. Look for an A/C unit that boasts a good level of energy efficiency and install it in the rooms that you know get the warmest.

Ceiling fans are also an attractive option to keep the house cool as they circulate the air.You’ll find a great range of ceiling fans at discounted prices at GoLights who also deliver super fast.

There is always the concern that they merely blow hot air even further around the room. However, if your house is THAT hot you really should install air-conditioning.

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Cool yourself, not the room

Before you reach for the A/C button, stop and think about why you are feeling overheated. Is it due to the temperature of the room, or are you feeling stressed/have you been physically active recently? Take a second to consider these things and take some steps towards cooling your body down.

Sitting calmly somewhere and applying a cold flannel to your wrists, neck, and forehead is one failsafe option to lower your body heat. Taking a cool shower and changing into lightweight, linen clothing are also two good ways to cool yourself down. Our bodies are good at regulating their temperatures, but there’s nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands every once in a while.

Our bodies are good at regulating their temperatures, but there’s nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands every once in a while.

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