A hot house is no fun in the heat of summer. Some easy solutions are often overlooked but with a few simple tips your hot house will be a cool house by the time the heat hits.

More often than not, people like to have a very cool atmosphere in their home. And not just temperature wise; there are plenty of people who are moving away from the country style interior, decluttering, painting their walls white and decorating with the minimalist anti hot house feel in mind. It just looks and feels freer!

So if you’re suffering from stuffiness, hair curling because of the humidity, and the air in your house simply being too hot, now’s the time for you to fix these issues.

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There are plenty of ways for you to go from a hot house to a cool house so let’s look at three easy options.

Exclude Those Pesky Draughts

Yes, you have them, even if you don’t think so. Not every house is perfect when it comes to insulation. Even with double glazing and extra padding in your roof, you’re probably losing about 11% of the heat and cooling you’re paying for in your bills, and that’s just from the doors!

Not only is that a huge waste of money, but you’re also feeling the physical side effects of it too, and you’re sick of it!

Make sure your windows close properly, as ill fitting panes or seals can be the biggest drain on your atmospheric resources. Not to mention they’ll let all the bugs in!

Then focus on your doors: get excluders to keep air from seeping out underneath them. Both hot and cold air do this so it matters no matter the season.

Then it’d be a good idea to insulate your floors or check the quality of your carpets: air can get trapped here and be of absolutely no use to you!

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Create Neutral Decor

As I mentioned, decluttering will help your home to feel less like a hot house. But a further step is to create a cool house using neutral colours – think Scandi with cool whites and textured beige – or think Beach with pale cool blues and light fabrics.

Paint walls in white – Dulux ‘White-on-White’ is a great overall solution. With a backdrop of white, add a beige palette or a blue/green palette to suit your taste.

It’s important to add texture when you have neutral or natural decor. So choose a knotty rug in wool or jute for the floor, linen or cotton drapes, floral and leaf motif cushions and wall art, a little metal in the pendant lights or a big mirror, and indoor plants.

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Get Some Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is not really a luxury anymore considering the extreme temperatures we’re likely to experience. Not to mention, it’s incredibly hard to get a satisfying night’s sleep when you’ve got a noisy fan blowing on your face all night.

So save yourself some good rest by investing in some form of air-conditioning. And there are plenty of providers such as Penair.com.au. Get some reassurance, get a quote, and then get yourself a cooled house all throughout the months when the sun’s exposure is high.

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Even if you’re not experiencing those kind of temperatures, it’d be a good idea to combat the humidity of even the colder months we experience.

If your house is too hot these days, don’t let yourself continue living in it. There’s plenty you can do to ventilate your living space, the easiest of all being opening the windows, so don’t think you have to sit there and sweat.

You know what you can/can’t afford, so here’s hoping this post gave you some ideas!

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