Home security is essential to any homeowner. That’s obvious. But when you’re not the one actually living in the home you’ve bought, it becomes a more complicated situation.

Landlords have to ensure their rental property is both armed with the right equipment and the right tenants. Otherwise, it’s at risk from both outsiders and perhaps even the insiders. These four home security tips will provide you with greater peace of mind.

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Home Security Tip #1 The importance of deterrence

Perhaps more valuable than actually catching criminals is stopping them from ever approaching your home in the first place. Tall gates and fences might do the trick, but they might also scare off tenants. Look at the elements that a criminal would least like to see. For instance, think about installing lights outside the home so intruders can’t operate in darkness as they normally would. CCTV cameras serve as a great deterrent too. Some landlords even get fake CCTV solely for the scarecrow effect, but that raises obvious questions about their actual security benefit.

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Home Security Tip #2 Do your research

If your home is truly worth securing, then you want to get a home security system. However, as a landlord, the amount you’re willing to spend on it is going to play a big role. If you jump into talking with a provider, you might find they’re not as willing to disclose prices until they have you hooked. That’s why you should use review sites that can tell you things like “how much is a CPI security system” before you get in touch with the provider. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by heavy-handed negotiations. Get in there armed with information.

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Home Security Tip #3 Vet your tenants

Since you’re not living there to monitor the property, you have to think of risks from inside as well. Especially if you’re leaving the home furnished and equipped with appliances. Every landlord should take the time to vet their tenants anyway. Find out if there are any disturbing marks on their history, like credit records of past tenancies gone bad, or any criminal records. Don’t be afraid to be picky about finding tenants you can trust.

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Home Security Tip #4 Keep tenants informed

Of course, you want to be able to make money from your property, which means you’re going to have let tenants view the home at some point. When you can’t do any more work on the property, then keep tenants informed of any potential risks with a security information pack. For instance, educate them on simple safety issues such as not hanging keys on places they can be ‘fish-hooked’ through the front door letterbox. Or that they shouldn’t publicize on social media if they are spending days away from the home. How closely they follow this advice is something you, unfortunately, have little control over. But you should still do your part to help them do their part.

Protecting your investment is crucial. But that doesn’t just mean keeping it safe, it means keeping it profitable as well. Don’t let your need for increased security make you an easy mark for those would take advantage of security fears.

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