Home purchase disasters will cost you a lot more than your dream home. Some may even cost you your health.

Most people feel excited about the prospect of moving into a new home with their families. However, many home purchase disasters could get in the way of the excitement, and some could even cost those people thousands of dollars.

Considering that, the information on this page should point all readers in the right direction and ensure you stand the best chance of avoiding those home purchase disasters.

All the basics get a mention in this article, but you still need to keep your eyes peeled to get as much advice as possible if you want a smooth ride.

home purchase disasters

Checking for structural issues

The last thing anyone wants is a new home that is going to subside within only a few years. It’s often possible for experts to assess to find out how likely that is to happen.

If there are any subsidence problems at the time of purchase, you need to get in touch with professionals and find out how much it’s going to cost to put things right. You then need to contact the sellers and let them know about the information you uncover according to experts from sites like houspect.com.au.

Ask them to drop the price of the home to account for that extra spending. If the sellers refuse to do that, you need to walk away from the deal and find somewhere more suitable.

home purchase disasters

Checking for leaks and electrical faults

Real estate agents like those at lsqh.com.au say that unnoticed and hidden leaks can often cause many problems for new homeowners. Electrical faults are also a real pain if you don’t notice them before moving your family into the dwelling.

So, just as you need to pay for structural assessments, it’s also sensible to call a plumber and an electrician. Ask them to take a look at the entire house and highlight any potential faults they discover. The best ways to find reliable local tradespeople without breaking to bank include:

  • Searching online and reading reviews
  • Asking for recommendations from neighbours
  • Looking at Facebook and other social media


home purchase disasters

Checking for mould and infestations

Mould and infestations can make the house uninhabitable if you don’t deal with those problems the right way. With that in mind, you just need to take a decent look around when viewing the property to see if there are any potential home purchase disasters.

If you notice bugs or cockroaches anywhere inside the home, you’ll have to call the exterminators as quickly as possible. If you see mould on the walls, you’ll also have to get in touch with professionals.

Mould isn’t only unsightly, but it’s also dangerous to your family. In extreme cases, people sometimes breathe mould from the walls into their lungs. That results in a nasty infection from which it is difficult to recover.

If you want to avoid some of the home purchase disasters this year or next; you just have to remember to use the advice from this post. When all’s said and done, there are a million and one things that can go wrong when buying a new home.

The issues mentioned in this article are just some of the most severe. Still, you need to keep your finger on the pulse during the entire process if you want things to go smoothly. Good luck!

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