For some people, home ownership dreams end with a house they can call their own. As long as they have a roof over their heads and the freedom to do with it as they wish, they’re happy.

For others among us, the idea of settling in a home created by someone else just doesn’t suit. Why would we settle for living in a space designed by someone else? What if the layout doesn’t suit?

What if we forever feel detached from the bricks and mortar which are such a big part of our lives? For people like us, nothing would be better than building a house of our own.

Imagine creating something from the ground up. It’s the best way to get a house which suits every need you could imagine.

home ownership dreams

There is, of course, one issue. Building a house is one of the most expensive things you can do. It’s certainly going to end up costing more than buying upfront.

You’ll need to buy land and materials. You’ll also have to pay for labor. It soon adds up. But, if you have your heart set on home ownership dreams, there are ways to ensure you achieve it. We’re going to look at some of them here.

Home Ownership Dreams : Three ways to acheive it

Increase the value of your current property

The house you currently own is likely to be the most significant source of money available to you. As such, it’s the equity in your current house from which you can leverage money for your dream home.

For expert advice listen to the Podcast with Joe Tirimacco on leveraging your true worth.

But, as mentioned above, construction is usually much more expensive than buying upfront. So, the more money you get back from your house, the better.

home ownership dreams

Which is why you should embark upon some home improvements to boost the value. As well as giving you an idea of the work ahead, this can help your finances in a significant way.

Make enough improvements, and you may find yourself closer to your goal than you thought possible.

Plush Design Interiors will assess your current property and provide a report on all the areas that need improving for sale. They can also organise tradespeople and styling for sale.


home ownership dreams


When it comes to increasing the money you have, it doesn’t get much better than investing. This is a sure way to boost your earnings and increase your saving potential.

Hit on the right investment method, and you could have enough in no time. Most commonly, people settle for building wealth with property investments.

If you have enough to buy a small rental, you could use the rent earnt to afford that big build. Other investments, such as stocks and shares, could also help here.

That said, they aren’t the most stable, so property may be your best bet.


home ownership dreams

Shop around

And of course, like with anything, it’s crucial you shop around when the time comes. Buying the most expensive materials and investing in pricey labor will make this goal harder.

Instead, do your research before making any decisions. Find the cheapest quality materials you can. Ask your friends if they know builders who would do you a decent deal.

By being careful like this, you may find that you can get started much sooner than you’d imagined.

home ownership dreams

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