Having a home office is not so new. Many homes have always had a separate spare room or study or even a spot on the kitchen counter to sort out bills and make household payments.

However, more people than ever now run their own small business and choose to work from home. So if you work from home a dedicated home office is an imperative. This is ideally a space that you can call your own – either a separate room or a well-organised alcove.

Your home office space must be functional as well as comfortable because you will likely spend a lot of time working there.

The temptation to slack off while working from home are high. Yet by carefully considering home office design, you can fight off those temptations to ensure a productive day.

So, just how do you create an inspiring and luxurious home office?

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Home Office Inspiration

Add personality to your office – You aren’t going to be inspired by your office space if it does not resonate with you and the things you like. Only you know what is going to inspire you.

  • Why not invest in a wonderful piece of art? If you are a parent, then you may wish to include pictures of your children.
  • Other items such as textural cushions, colour co-ordinated storage boxes, a beautiful desk lamp, and shelves for important materials can be used to add personality and comfort.


Let there be light – A dark and dingy office space definitely isn’t a bright idea. It is important to ensure your room has plenty of light coming in, especially natural light. This will ensure you don’t suffer from headaches and it will help to ease the eye strain too.

  • This will ensure you don’t suffer from headaches and it will help to ease the eye strain too. If you have a nice view of the garden, even better. If not, include some pot plants or a vase of fresh flowers on your desk.
  • A stunning table lamp that casts a beautful light will brighten the space too. Whislt finctional lighting is very important, a gorgeous but not necessarily functional table lamp will just make you feel better. I have on my desk a lamp with a stained glass shade. It casts beautiful colours, but it doesn’t add significant illumination.


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Invest in luxurious furniture – Don’t cut corners when it comes to your desk and office chair. You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in a chair so make sure it’s as luxurious as you can afford.

  • Luxurious touches around the room are also advised. It is so important that you enjoy being in your home office and that you feel comfortable.
  • Textiles such as velvet, sheekskin, faux fur, woollen or hide rugs, and silk cushions will always add a luxury vide to interiors.
  • You can find luxury furniture via PalazzoCollezioni.com.au. If you cut corners with cheap, poor quality furniture, you’ll only end up spending more in the long run, and you certainly won’t enjoy the time spent in the room.


Use space efficiently – Most home offices aren’t blessed with huge amounts of square footage, which is why it is vital to use space efficiently.

  • Organise horizontally and vertically to make the most of the space you have available. Use vertical file folders on your desk to keep important documents within arm’s reach.
  • For those documents you don’t need access to all of the time, hang floating shelves on the wall.


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Add cosy touches – Luxury and cosiness go hand-in-hand. Add some plush accessories to the room, such as a fluffy rug or some soft cushions.

  • You can find some more tips on luxury living here. Not only will these accessories look amazing, but they will feel incredible too.
  • Cosy touches may also include a handmade cermaic pen and pencil holder or a small, mirrored tray to hold hand cream, scented candles, and a vase of flowers.


Don’t sacrifice form for function – When it comes to office decorating, you should never sacrifice form for function.

  • Your storage, shelves, and desk should serve you, not the other way around.
  • Before you invest in furniture, you really need to think about your needs. Consider your workflow and what items you require at your fingertips.
  • Once you have done this, you can choose pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Far too many offices scream ‘soulless cubicle’ – this is what you need to avoid.


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Consider location – Location is so important when it comes to creating an inspiring and luxurious home office.

  • Don’t cram yourself into a windowless closet simply because you want to preserve the guest room that barely gets used.
  • Put yourself first.

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