It can all be a blur when you shop for a new home. You have many things to consider and the biggest is whether you should build or buy your next house.

There is a lot to think about, from the perfect neighborhood to planning the right size kitchen and even mapping out the bathroom renovations you are looking for. The other thing? It has to be within your budget. 

Once you manage to capture everything you want on a list, you can start viewing your new homes and start making offers for the houses you want. One of the things that should be on your list to budget for is a home inspection.

It’s one of the most important things that you shouldn’t forego based on price: yes, they can be expensive, but guess what? It’s far more expensive to fix issues later than right now!

Seven Reasons Not To Skip The Home Inspection

  • Learning your deal breakers is a must. You want a house to be perfect, but sometimes, looking perfect isn’t enough. The most beautiful house could need the help of termidor termite extermination services because the loft wood is riddled with bugs. You need to know what the deal breakers are for the house and you can only learn that with a quality home inspection. If a new house is going to be in your back pocket, you want to know you can back out if the repairs are too much.
  • You should be aware of safety concerns in the home. For example; mould and mildew would be a safety concern and knowing that this hazard exists will give you the tools to fix it before you move in.
  • A home inspection will help you to anticipate whether you are going to need to repair or replace things like the boiler and the piping system later on. 
  • Sometimes, there are illegal additions to houses that will cause you some issues later on. Some homes are sold with builds like lofts and basements that were never given permission.
  • There are home insurance companies out there that will not insure your new home if you haven’t had an inspection. You have to provide the certificate of inspection, too, and you need that insurance!
  • An inspection will teach you the best ways to look after your home. They’ll be able to tell you how to look after your home properly, inspecting every nook and cranny of the house to ensure that it’s safe and up to date. 
  • The last good reason for your home to have an inspection is that you can negotiate on certain repairs in the sale. For example, if you have some mildew and mold issues, you could knock down the price of the house before you buy it. You could even get the seller to fix the problems before you buy and save yourself the cash.

A home inspection is a must – so don’t skip out on yours and you’ll ensure that you have a safe home.

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