Home improvement projects will, at some point, enter the consciousness of every home owner. But are all home improvement ideas worth the time and money?

There comes a point in every homeowner’s life when it’s time to move on. You may love your current house, but it no longer suits your life, your budget, all the home improvement jobs, or your career options… so it’s time to move onto pastures new, and sell your existing home.

When it comes to selling your current house, you naturally want to get the best price for it. Most homeowners keep an eye on the value of their home while living in it, potentially making additions in the hopes they will one day recoup the cost when it comes to selling time.

The items explored below are often suggested as ways to improve the value of your home. But is this something a renovation or new feature is really able to manage?

Let’s investigate home improvement projects further. Here are the most commonly-suggested “value improvers” evaluated… and some of the conclusions might surprise you…

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Solar Panels

We’re all meant to be living our best, most eco-friendly life these days, so surely solar panels are a good idea?

  • Solar panels will primarily appeal to certain types of buyers; those who are actively searching for an eco-friendly home. So if you’re making other eco-friendly adjustments, then it’s worth going to the effort of installing panels on your home.
  • However, some buyers just won’t care about the solar panels. Panels are unlikely to increase the value of your home for the buyers who aren’t expressly looking for the eco-friendly home adjustments.
  • In fact, they might decrease the value if the installation is poor. If you want to install panels, you have to ensure a good job is done. You should contact reputable companies who use reliable materials such as Canadian Solar panels, and always opt for a professional installation.


Conclusion: Worth It

Solar panels might not matter to 80 percent of the people who view your home, but for the 20 percent who do care, they’re a huge benefit. By installing solar panels, you expand the market for buyers who might be interested in your property, giving you the best chance of a good sale price.

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Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t want the luxury of a swimming pool in their backyard? That’s living the dream… isn’t it?

  • Homeowners think that swimming pools increase the value of their homes, and they’re right… to a point.
  • Only certain types of houses have their value increased by a swimming pool; namely, suburban houses being marketed to families.
  • Pools are also only seen as an advantage if you live in a climate that is particularly warm, with pool-friendly weather for around eight months of the year.


Conclusion: Not Worth It

Unless you have the perfect house situated in the perfect climate, a swimming pool isn’t going to add value to your home.

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We’re all supposed to love being amongst nature, and who doesn’t love a well-manicured garden?

  • Most people might like the look of a well-manicured garden, but if they’re considering buying the attached property, they will view that garden very differently.
  • Rather than thinking: “oh, what a nice garden”, prospective buyers will think: “oh, that looks like it takes a lot of maintenance work…”
  • It’s also worth noting that plenty of buyers just outright don’t care about landscaping, and some will have very different ideas to you of what constitutes “nice garden” is.


Conclusion: Not Worth It

Invest in landscaping if it’s important to you, but don’t rely on it to improve your selling price.

In Conclusion

So when you come to selling your house, you should make basic improvements such as freshening paintwork and fixing any damage– but for the most part, but there’s little need for huge investments just to try and draw buyers.

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