The jury may be out on home improvement verdicts as to whether you should buy the professional skills or embark on DIY projects. Or are they?

Home improvements are a crucial part of creating and maintaining the perfect environment for your family. However, there are many questions that need to be asked before taking on a project.

Perhaps the most pertinent home improvement verdicts are whether to complete the work yourself or call in an expert to do it for you.

There are positives and negatives for both approaches, which is why each room should be judged on its own merits. Assuming you are a moderately skilled DIY enthusiast, here’s a guide to each space.

home improvement verdicts


Our Jury’s Home Improvement Verdicts


The bathroom is a small but complex room. It’s also a central focus for a variety of important daily tasks. This is why the function is as crucial as the aesthetic vibe.

Simple jobs like fixing the shower pressure can be completed by you. However, major plumbing is best left to experts. Meanwhile, interior design teams can find ways of utilising the space to provide increased storage facilities in a way that won’t ruin the image.

Of course, you can accentuate with accessories to take the outcome to another level. If anything, though, the limited space should encourage you to seek external help. After all, each mistake could have a massively negative impact.

Home Improvement Verdict: Use a professional.

home improvement verdicts


The finer details of a bedroom design will be influenced by who the space is for. Ultimately, though, there are two key things to remember. Firstly, it needs to encourage a comfortable night’s sleep. Secondly, it should be easily maintained.

Overcrowding is the worst thing you could do. Focus on finding a comfortable bed and suitable blinds/curtains. Meanwhile, the choice of colour scheme can have a massive impact too. Seriously, a few coats of paint can make a world of difference.

Assuming the HVAC systems are in good working order, you won’t need to take on any technical projects. Besides, this is a space that needs to be built around your personal tastes.

Home Improvement Verdict: Do it yourself.

home improvement verdicts



In truth, kitchens are the most commonly overlooked rooms of the modern home. However, the frequency of usage means that you should give it the TLC it deserves.

It’s important to remember that kitchen renovations are major projects. Given the potential dangers, all work needs to be completed in a safe manner. Moreover, with so many different things going on in one place, the layout properties are crucial. Then there’s also the need for a pleasing aesthetic.

Light is your greatest asset, but finding a way to utilise it well can be quite challenging. With this, as well as safety, in mind, seeking outside help is advised.

Home Improvement Verdict: Use a professional.

home improvement verdicts

Kitchen by


Living rooms are the central hub for family activities. Only you know what will look and feel right for your needs, which is why you need to have a huge say on those projects.

Embracing light and colour will set the right foundations. Meanwhile, hanging TVs on the wall, and using family photos and vintage pieces can create a happy vibe while maintaining a sense of space. Rugs and other accessories can also be used to generate that homely vibe.

Professionals may create what looks like a winning showroom. However, your affection can create the focal point of a winning home.

Home Improvement Verdict: Do it yourself.

home improvement verdicts

Final Word

You cannot afford to make mistakes that cause structural damage, which is why experts should be used in spaces where those dangers lie. When it comes to pure decoration, though, your eye for detail can bring the best results. With so many guides and tutorials available online, those jobs are more accessible.

Ultimately, the smart option is the one that works for you.

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