Home fitness is a great idea for people who struggle to get to the gym, either because of time or because of something nasty called ‘gym anxiety’. So what’s the best way to set up for home fitness and ensure you hit your goals?

Home fitness is perfect when you may feel people are looking at you or laughing. It isn’t very nice. Even if they’re not doing that at all, you can still get anxious walking in and using the equipment.

Starting to work out at home could be the key if you want to stay fit and healthy without having to worry about what people think.

home fitness

Plus, if you’re a busy person, you can literally have a quick 15 minute workout before starting your day, whether that’s in your garage, in your garden, or your living room!

These home fitness tips could change your life and your body. Enjoy!

Home Fitness Tip #1: Only Buy Equipment That You Know You’ll Use

One mistake lots of people make when working out at home is buying loads of equipment and then just letting it sit there! Don’t feel like you have to build your own personal gym right away if you’re not there yet.

You could start off small by purchasing a skipping rope, or even just one kettlebell that you can do lots of exercises with. Once you’re used to working out at home and you’re in good habits, looking at more equipment is a good idea.

home fitness

If you really want to take your home fitness to the next level, you can consider building your own gym in your garage – or, if you’re not into weights, how about a pool?

Installing a pool can be expensive, but it’s a good idea if you think you’ll use it and that it could increase the value of your home. If your home already has a pool, looking for pool renovations can make it more suitable to your needs.

Just make sure you take your budget into account before making any concrete decisions!

Home Fitness Tip #2: Still Buy Appropriate Work Out Gear

Just because you’re in the house doesn’t mean you should work out in your pyjamas.

home fitness

Buying appropriate work out gear will get you in the mood. It’s especially important that you have the right shoes.

Home Fitness Tip #3: Set A Timer

Home can be full of distractions, so set a timer so that when it goes off, you know you’re done. You can download apps that do this for you, and even design your own tabata style workouts.

Home Fitness Tip #4: Create A Designated Fitness Space

Will it be in your bedroom, your garage, or your living room? Find a space you love to work out in where you won’t be disturbed.

home fitness

Sometimes, simply placing a mat on the floor to work out on can help.

Home Fitness Tip #5: Have A Few Go-To Workouts

Having a few go-to workouts will make sure you can just get on with it without having to think too much. YouTube is a wonderful resource, and again, there are apps that can do it for you!

Try working out at home three times a week to begin with, and build yourself up to more if you want to!

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