When you hate gardening it can be demotivating to think you MUST have a beautifully designed outoor space. There are other options for outdoor areas that peole who hate gardening just might love.

Homes are bought and sold on the strength of their garden; people delight in spending hours perusing inspirational garden designs, and then applying what they have learned in the pursuit of their own private Eden.

That’s all very well and good… but what if you have absolutely hate gardening and have no desire to be a gardener? You’ve got a patch of outdoor space, but the idea of having to maintain it and tend to a garden isn’t something you relish.

Are you stuck tending to a garden you don’t want?  Or are there other options that might be worth exploring?

There are other options. In fact, there are five uses for an outdoor space that you may not have thought of. And they won’t require you to spend your free time weeding, mowing, and planting…

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If You Hate Gardening #1 – Build a log cabin

Log cabins are an excellent choice if you want to extend the living space available to you without having to go through the stress of building work. Kits and transportables can be delivered to your outdoor space. With a little know-how and some friends, you could have a cabin positioned ready for use in a short space of time.

The perfect log cabin decor is eclectic and rustic using recycled furniture and lighting. Roughly hewn wood that is treated and sealed is great for counter fronts, side tables, bed heads and some interior walls. Hunt around second-hand shops for fun crockery, cutlery, glassware, fabrcs and rugs.

Your log cabin could be a relatively inexpensive way to create a retreat AND a gardening-free zone.

hate gardening


If You Hate Gardening ##2 – Create a display or ornamental garden

If you like the idea of a garden but aren’t overly keen on the maintenance aspect, then a display, faux garden might be the right choice for you.

A display garden offers all the aesthetic and leisurely benefits of a garden, without any of the maintenance. Sourcing artificial outdoor plants and shrubs and contacting a synthetic turf supplier could produce a garden that looks the part, but doesn’t require the constant maintenance a conventional garden does.

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If You Hate Gardening #3 – Opt for a greenery-free garden

Greenery-free gardens are a great option if you still want an outdoor space, but you’re not concerned about having greenery or a “garden feel”.

You can use gravel and decking to completely remove the need for grass, producing an outdoor area that is more akin to an outdoor cafe than a standard suburban garden.

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If You Hate Gardening #4 – Install a conservatory

As with log cabins, conservatories are a way to extend your living space, eat up the unwanted garden space, and potentially add value to your home.

While there is always the risk that prospective future buyers would have preferred a larger garden, conservatories are wildly popular.

And they are far more likely to be seen as a benefit than a standard brick extension.

hate gardening


If You Hate Gardening #5 – Build a cat garden

If you’re a cat owner, then building a cat garden is a great way to provide your feline friends with access to the outdoors while still keeping them safe.

Cat gardens can also be effortlessly stylish, providing a nice outdoor seating area that you can enjoy with your favourite pet by your side.

Here’s a great video that shows just what you can do to transform your space for this purpose:


If you want to make the most of your outdoor space without having to be concerned with maintaining a traditional garden, the options above might just be the perfect choice for you.

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