Hairstyle help is pretty easy to find because every hairstylist, friend and nail technician at the beauty salon will have an opinion on what suits you. But what do YOU think? Finding it a bit difficult to decide?

Choosing a haircut is one of the most important and challenging style decisions you can make, even with the plethora of hairstyle help around. However, there are two main points which you need to take into account when you are choosing your next hairstyle.

First of all, you need to consider how the new cut is going to suit your face shape. Secondly, you need a cut which is going to work well with the texture of your hair.

So, when you are next going to the hairdressers, these are two of the most important points which are worth bearing closely in mind. To give you a starting point, here is some general hairstyle help to give you a head start (did you see what I did there? haha)

Hairstyle Help: Texture Troubles

You need to start by choosing a cut which works well with the texture of your hair, whether it is dry, straight, fine, wavy, oily etc. For example, if your hair is thin and stringy, it will look better and more full with a style which is shorter.

On the other hand, if you have thick and wavy hair, you may decide to weigh it down and stop it from getting too frizzy by choosing a longer style.

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Not matter what type of hair you have, it is never going to look good if it is damaged, so make sure to get it cut if this is the case.

Hairstyle Help: Forehead Size

The whole point of your hairstyle is that it is supposed to accentuate your best features and gloss over your worst ones. So, it is worth taking your forehead size into account when you are choosing a cut that works for you.

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If you have a small forehead, wear a fringe (or bangs) which start further back on your head. If you think that you have a larger forehead, side-sweeping bangs have been shown to be a very flattering look which could well be a winner for you.

Hairstyle Help: Short or Long

Short hair comes in a number of different styles, and again, use your face shape as a general guideline for the sort of style you choose. For example, if you have a round face, very short hair can make it appear fuller.

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Instead, you could look to go for a style in which your hair grows longer than your chin. Women who look great with longer hair cuts tend to be those who have oval or square faces. Of course, having said this – rules are meant to be broken!

Hairstyle Help: A Universally Flattering Cut

If you don’t want to have to put too much effort into choosing a haircut that works for you, a universally flattering one tends to be the ‘v-cut’ which is long at the back and shorter at the sides.

This works well because the cut is in the back and not around the face. Layers which graze the chin and lips only add to the allure.

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Consult with your hairdresser and some close friends when you are choosing a new hairstyle to go for one which works best for you.

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