Hair dye disasters are SCARY and can have a devastating effect on your luscious locks. Short of never leaving the house until it grows out, what can you do?

Have you had one or more hair dye disasters? It’s one of the scariest things to think about when you pick up a packet of hair dye: the idea that it’s going to completely ruin your hair colour, and possibly even make your gorgeous locks fall off in the pursuit of a creative colour job!

hair dye disasters

However, when hair dye disasters occur you won’t have to worry for too long – there’s always a way to fix the problem.

So if you’re sitting there with green hair, hiding in your room here are some tips for you to follow to keep the beauty blues away.

Hair Dye Disasters Need An Immediate Hair Emergency Appointment

If you’re scared about heading to the hairdresser because of your rookie mistake, don’t let those thoughts fester for too long – you’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last person to have an accident like this!

hair dye disasters

After all, home hair dye packets are never 100% proof, and everyone has a different hair type and colour to their name, so some dye jobs are inevitably going to go wrong.

So that’s where a Top Hair Colourist will step in to help you out, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about needing to head to them for help. They won’t laugh at you, or have anything bad to say; just some tips for next time!

Get Some Purple Shampoo

This is where you utilise that laughing best friend: to head out and grab some products for you.

Purple toning shampoo is the best temporary solution for those of us who want some beach blonde locks, but somehow have ended up with bright yellow hair instead of that perfect Marilyn shade!

hair dye disasters

They’re complementary colours, and will work wonders for setting the colour properly, especially if you go through more than one wash.

Buy Some Dry Shampoo

If your roots have gone wrong, or you don’t have the time or money to find and buy some colour concealer for your hair, this is your chance to invest in a very cheap fix – just a couple of dollars per can, and there’s always a sale on down this aisle!

Dry shampoo is notorious for leaving you with grey patches if you don’t brush it out properly, but if you buy a dry shampoo that works best with a certain colour, you can simply spray it on and leave it on.

hair dye disasters

For example, if you’ve got red hair, get a red shampoo to cover your roots in, and then head off to work happy as could be. And you can do the same as a blonde or brunette – buy the right shade for your needs, and you won’t have to put in any extra effort!

Your homemade dye job doesn’t have to ruin your perfect hair chances. Even quick fixes like these are going to do wonders for both your locks’ looks and your self confidence! Always be ready for hair dye disasters… and how to fix them.

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