Want to make some groovy changes to your living room?

Whilst some of the décor fads of the sixties will forever remain in the past (we’re all familiar with some of those crazy wallpaper designs), many sixties home interior trends have made a comeback.

Here are a few ways to embrace groovy changes from the decades best décor ideas.

Groovy Changes: Get Curvy

Curvy furniture can be great for adding an extra sense of comfort to your living room. Homes of the sixties were in love with curves from egg chairs to circular coffee tables.

Companies like Arredaclick have an array of egg chairs from which to choose. If this is a bit too extreme, why not try some curvy mid-century modern couches.

Groovy Changes: Choose Bold Colours

Too many homeowners nowadays are afraid to get colourful. White may be a bright and neutral colour to go with any furniture scheme, but it’s also very clinical and bland.

The sixties by contrast was a time of lime greens and baby blues and glossy reds and mustard yellows. Hire a professional company such as BJC Painting Services to add some colour to your walls or put your DIY skills to the test.

You don’t have to go as match-matchy as people in the sixties went. Green walls, carpets and furniture might be overkill.

Groovy Changes: Add Some Space

The sixties was the height of the space race and everyone was going crazy for cosmic design. Lava lamps and pod chairs were just some of the sci-fi furnishings found in homes during this time.

Whilst some of these might look a bit wacky today, orb-shaped light fittings and lamps have continued to remain tasteful. Many can be ideal for casting more light on to the room. Their smooth rounded look also matches well with the curvy furniture of the decade. Consider adding some of these lighting solutions to your home.

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Groovy Changes: Try Wood Panelling

Another trend of the era was wood panelling. This can help to bring an earthy touch to many homes and can be a fun idea for a feature wall. Wood panels can also often add an extra touch of insulation.

Companies such as Fine Panel have a range of different wood panelling options to choose from. You may want to leave wood panels bare for a rustic feel or you could consider painting them to match a colour scheme within the room.

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Groovy Changes: Lay Down a Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rugs came into popularity in the sixties. If your living room has a wooden floor, a shag rug could be perfect for keeping your sinking your toes into whilst watching the TV.

Whilst many original shaggy rugs used real fur, there are now lots of artificial shaggy rug options out there that are just as cosy. Shaggy rugs do have the downside of not being particularly easy to clean – you may need to beat them outside and then give them a thorough clean with a hoover.

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