Gemma Saccasan has just graduated from Raffles College of Design and Commerce and launched her first fashion collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016.

The Gemma Saccasan brand is elegance and beauty with a twist of glamour. But what makes Gemma even more unusual is that she is a Grandmother of six, and aged 52. This interview discusses Gemma’s award-winning first collection, being the oldest person in her graduating year, designing fabric for her own fashion collection and what’s coming next.

*apologies for the sound quality of the interview. It’s easy to listen to but we will be improving the quality for future interviews.

Gallery of Designs by Gemma Saccasan

Gemma Saccasan

In her interview, Gemma Saccasan discusses marrying early and dedicating her life to her children and husband before following her life-long passion for fashion. Gemma had dreamt of being a fashion designer since receiving a sewing machine as a wedding present. She made clothes for her children and decided early on she wanted to design elegant womenswear that celebrated femininity.

Having designed and built a garden for her children, she took inspiration from the flowers and designed the fabric seen in her first collection, featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in May 2016.

Gemma Saccasan also talks about Raffles College of Design and Commerce, where she studied, and the influence of The Design Residency founded by Lorraine Lock. Gemma is also involved in a special project with Westfield Parramatta designing wrapping paper for Mother’s Day.

Meet one of Australia’s newest, award-winning fashion designers, Gemma Saccasan, here on The Style Podcast. With thanks to Sophie Blue, Blue Planet PR, and Lorraine Lock, The Design Residency.

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