Is a little garden TLC required for your home? People often concentrate on making the inside of their home look perfect. Neglecting the outside can be easy when you have an interior focus. However, the garden will bring you much pleasure with a bit of garden TLC.

When you want to spend time on the weekends enjoying your garden and entertaining friends, ensure it’s presentation perfect. There are a few simple tips to inject some style into garden; do a little, or do a lot.

Garden TLC : Invest in some new plants

When you have a busy lifestyle it can be easy to forget to water plants or do some mid-season pruning. Snipping off the dead heads of flowers, known as ‘dead heading’ will encourage growth and shrubs will become bushier with some prudent pruning.  ‘

However, when the weeks whizz by quickly and the garden needs some TLC, it might be time to buy some beautiful new plants. Visit your local nursery and talk to the professionals about which plants are right for your garden. In fact, most plants have tags which will tell you the perfect environment for that plant – full sun, part sun, shade – and how much water they need.

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To give your new plants the best possible chance to thrive, ensure you buy some nutrients for the soil. Given the right conditions, brightly colored choices which will give your garden an instant lift. Plant in the soil or in pots you can move around. When they mature, pick them for beautiful table displays. And while you are at the nursery, consider getting some seedlings to grow. Your garden will look beautiful if it’s brimming with life from plants, fruits, and vegetables.

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If you have a small area, even a balcony, then investigate vertical gardening. There are now inexpensive options or DIY solutions that will create lush life on a blank wall or fence. You can grow succulents (very easy care), or virtually any other leafy plant. Also, check our indestructible houseplants suitable for containers on a patio.

Garden TLC : Update the dining area

The garden is one of the best places to entertain guests because there is so much space for everyone to relax. And you don’t have to worry about stains on your floor if you are in the backyard. However, to ensure it’s suitable for entertaining, invest some time into creating a guest-worthy dining area.

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If you have decking, see how much it’s worn during the last few months. It might just need a touch up with some wood paint to make it look fantastic. Or you might opt to get some new merbau timber to ensure your decking looks perfect. Then focus on getting some new outdoor furniture which will be ideal for eating outside.There are so many options – traditional dining table, high seated bar area, rustic with large cushions on the floor, there’s a solution for every garden. The way you decorate the dining area will also enhance your entertaining.

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Colourful mix ‘n match placemats, crockery, glasses, and cutlery will bring a party feel to dining. For a great range of options, check out Zanui. Hang solar powered fairy lights from the trees and place hurricane lamps with candles on the table. Think about the lighting options, especially if you plan to entertain after dark.

Garden TLC : Give it some fun

Your garden is a place for entertaining everyone and there are ways to make it a stand-out. Features like water fountains and ponds will definitely add interest in your garden and are cooling on hot afternoons. A hot tub is a fun feature you can use all year round; it’s invigorating to sit in a ‘hot’ tub outside in the cold weather. Imagine the parties you could have with one of these in your garden! And a BBQ is a must for your garden if you want to utilize it properly. After all, everyone will love coming over to enjoy some outdoor cooking!

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A BBQ or outdoor kitchen is a must for your garden if you want to utilize the space to it’s best. Everyone will love coming over to enjoy some yor fabulous outdoor cooking! Right?

And remember to maintain the lawn in your garden. People will notice if you have overgrown grass. They will enjoy lazing on soft, manicured grass as it’s cooling on hot days and provides more seating. Throw rugs on the grass and add cushions for an inexpensive, bohemian feel.

garden TLC

A little garden TLC and your place will be THE place to be when the weather is beautiful.

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