Garden style can reflect your loves and personality in the same way interior design does. In fact, you can be even more creative in the garden with colourful flowers, wild plants and different themes.

If you are slowly making your way through your home and changing each aspect bit by bit, from your interiors to your exterior walls, by the time you reach your garden style, you might be creatively exhausted.

A garden is a very delicate part of the house. You need to give it the care and attention it deserves, but you also need to ensure that it has your stamp on it.

garden style

A garden is one of the most envied aspects of any home now because many people don’t have them. If you are unsure where to begin, here are a few suggestions and how you can achieve your own garden style…

Simple And Formal

You could make it as basic as possible. The goal could be to have a straightforward area, for you to relax. The best way to do this is to implement boundaries, from hedges, pathways or walkways, and ensure that these boundaries are strong.

garden style

Always remember, if you are struggling for inspiration, you can always approach a professional to give their opinion. Leaf Stone Water is one of many garden designers who are able to lend a specific approach to your space and can advise you on the best ways to maximize the use of your space.

When going for a basic garden, it’s very simple, just ensure that the look isn’t too gaudy, and make sure that you use basic colors, and it compliments your home.

The Cottage Approach

The word “cottage” conjures up feelings of quaintness. Cottage gardens need to have colorful blooms. So be sure to include a lot of fragrant plants and herbs, but have a lot of color.

garden style

Roses are expensive, but they look fantastic in the garden. The icing on the cake when creating a cottage garden is to add a picket fence, wind chimes, or anything rustic.

Going Asian

The idea behind Asian gardens is relating to a lot of raked sand and stones. A Japanese garden always exudes a lot of calm and tranquillity, so go for plants that are very finely textured.

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Order is the rule behind Asian gardens, so keep everything in its right place. When it comes to plants and imagery, you can’t go wrong with Japanese maples, fruit trees, and the old faithful, bamboo.

The Tropical Feel

We all know what a tropical garden looks like, but it can be very difficult to achieve in a standard garden space.

However, the fundamentals of a tropical style include a lot of bold, leafy plants. Hibiscus and cannas are two plants that fit in perfectly. In addition to this, you might want to go for a big, bold water feature.

garden style

A pool, a stream, or a fountain all look great in this type of garden. And when it comes to color, the brighter, the better. Yellow, orange, and red are all perfect choices to communicate a sense of tropicana.

Certainly, it’s a big task to pick the right garden style to suit your property, but pretty much anything goes.

garden style

In deciding what you want to do in the garden, ask yourself some questions.

  • How do you want to use the space? To relax? To garden? To cook? To entertain?
  • Who will use the garden? Children? Young people? Older people? Friends? Animals?
  • How much space do you have to play with and what needs to be in the garden?
  • Are you a keen gardener?
  • How easy-care do you want your garden to be?
  • Does your garden have privacy or noise issues?
  • How will the style of your home affect the garden style you want to create?
  • What styles are you drawn to?
  • How will your climate affect the garden you want to create?

Answer these questions, and you will be closer to understanding your own garden style

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