Garden neglect can sneak up on us. Whether it’s a wet winter that creates growth in the Spring or just our busy lives, garden neglect is fast and swift. Within a shirt space of time the garden can go completely crazy.

Our homes should be little oases of peace, beauty, and happiness. The garden is a place where we can retreat from the irritating stresses of work and life, and just chill out for a while. But not if garden neglect has inflicted your weekends.

What happens if you’ve been distracted for a long time, and just haven’t been on the ball? What if you’ve been so busy with work you’re utterly tired by the time you got home each evening? Maybe for the better part of a year you’ve been completely neglecting your garden and it’s overgrow into a tangled jungle?

garden neglect

At a certain point, it can be very difficult to know how to even begin getting a truly wild and messy garden under control. Never mind actually making it beautiful, and the kind of place where you’d like to spend any amount of time.

Here are a few tips for getting your garden back under control after you’ve been neglecting it for too long.

Garden Neglect Will Respond To Some Professional Care

If you’re busy and don’t have the time, inclination, or know-how, to get your garden from its current sorry state up to a respectable level it’s worth hiring the professionals to do it for you.

A professional garden maintenance company, such as Garden-R, can clear away green waste, remove weeds, prune hedges, control insects, fix up flower beds so that they’re actually ready to house attractive flowers, and more.

garden neglect

What’s more, they can do all of this with a level of professionalism and speed that you’d likely struggle with yourself.

Even if you only hire a company like this once, getting your garden back up to baseline in a hurry is a great thing.

Garden Neglect Needs Dedication  to Mowing, Weeding, Clearing and Trimming

If you want to attack the job of organising your garden yourself, understand that you’ll have to put in some elbow grease and time.

The most straightforward way to do this, is to schedule an entire weekend to be spent doing pretty much nothing but gardening from dawn to dusk, depending on the size of your garden.

garden neglect

You’ll need to pull up weeds, mow the lawn, clear rubble, twigs, and leaves, and trim the hedges. On the plus side, the fresh air and exercise can be exhilarating and uplifting, if you have the right mindset.

Create a “Garden Neglect Action Plan”

If you don’t have a whole weekend to dedicate to setting your garden to rights, you could always create a “garden action plan”, listing out how you want your garden to be, and what you need to do to get it to that state.

From this point, you can then attack the various tasks in stages, over about a week or so.

garden neglect

The first stage could, for example, be to mow the lawn. The second stage, to pull up the weeds. The third stage to prepare the flower beds for planting, and so on.

If you’re suffering from garden neglect, but the bullet and hire professionals or set aside solid time for garden renewal. Then sit back and relax in a beautiful garden you can enjoy all summer.

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