Garden elements are those outdoor pieces that create personality and comfort in your outdoor living space. However, there are three garden elements you MUST have.

Every house needs some space to have even the smallest garden. It is the part of your home where you can reconnect with nature, enjoy spending time outside and in which to relax. Your garden elements are going to be different depending on personal tastes, where you are located and even down the to the type of soil in the ground.

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However, there are three garden elements that every garden needs, and here they are.

Garden Elements #1: Theme

Every garden needs to have a theme. This is going to be your garden’s distinct style. It is what you want your garden to look like and how you are going craft each of its parts.

If you want to have it look modern with a lot of flowers, then that is the theme you will want to follow. If you want to have to more like a woodland or closer to wild nature, then you will want stick with this theme.

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Picking and sticking to a theme will help your garden look like it has a purpose and give it a better effect. If you start adding things that don’t go together, then your garden is going to look mismatched, and it won’t be able to reach its full potential.

Instead, pick a theme and then pick plants and furniture that match the theme. If you are going to deviate from your theme, then consider what it will look like in the finished garden.

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Garden Elements #2: Plants

The core of any garden is plants. However, as mentioned above, you want to stick to your chosen theme. The types of plants that you want to put in your garden will be influenced by the theme that you have chosen.

For example, if you want a simple, modern garden with a lawn and flowers, then windmill palm trees will look out of place. It can be nice, though, to have an area of the garden that is for vegetables or herbs, even a vertical garden.

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These are a fantastic addition to a garden and kitchen; especially if you can find a way to link them into the theme of your garden. When choosing flowers, go for a riot of colour or choose flowers in similar hues for a modern monochromatic display

It is important to remember the overall look and feel of your garden when picking plants. Pick groups of plants, don’t focus on a single species for your entire garden.

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Garden Elements #3: Furniture

All gardens are meant to be enjoyed, and there is no better way to do this than to sit on some garden furniture. Furniture should match your garden’s theme, if possible, and be functional, comfortable and weather-proof.

If you enjoy meals in your garden as well as relaxing (and who doesn’t?) then add a table and chairs as well as a bench or swing to relax on.

When picking furniture, remember comfort and consider what you are going to do with the furniture when it rains. Will it be alright in the rain, or does it need covering? Don’t get caught out with cushions that can get wet.

With the three quite simple garden elements you’ll enjoy your outdoor living space no matter the size of the space or your budget.

garden elements

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