A garden in bloom is one of the best reasons to spend time outdoors. The colours, the smells, the birds and bees – grab a wine and your fave mag – BLISS!

Designing your perfect home is fun, exciting, and the ultimate way to add your personal stamp on your property. But have you thought about how to make your garden bloom?

The garden is also part of your home, and it can take a lot of work to maintain your wild garden and leave it a calming paradise. Vamping up your garden doesn’t have to cost the earth; you can use some clever tips and tricks to take your garden to the next level and make the neighbours jealous without splashing too much cash.

garden bloom

Garden Bloom – Get Advice

When you first come to tackling your own garden, you probably won’t have a clue where to begin. Rather than worrying and buying everything you think you need, why not ask for help?

Your mum may be the best person to give you garden advice. She will likely already know how to care for plants, which plants are what and the best time of year to prune. Trust your mum, she’s always right.

You can also visit the RHS website and search for plants which you can’t identify in your garden: https://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/search-form

garden bloom

Garden Bloom – Grow from seeds

Instead of raiding your local garden centre of all of their colourful primroses and petunias; plant from seed. It is far cheaper to buy a sachet of seeds than fork out on a mature plant. You will get instructions on the packet on when to plant the seeds, what conditions they need and when the seeds will flower.

Have you heard the expression Wild flowers don’t care where they grow”? It refers to being a free spirit. In fact, in moist soil randomly throw seeds around and then be surprised come Spring. You will get a fabulously random display of florals.

Garden Bloom – Steal Cuttings From Your Family

If you like a plant that your mum or nanna has in their garden, see if they can take a small cutting for you. It will save you the money on buying a plant and also be a nice sentimental touch to the garden.

Cacti and succulents are the easiest to cut and grow – literally snip and throw them in soil. Others just require placing in water until they sprout roots, then plant.

garden bloom

Garden Bloom – Add Some Affordable Furniture

No garden is truly complete without some furniture to sit on in the summer time. Companies such as lavitafurniture.com.au offer affordable furniture to take your garden to the next level. You can also buy some waterproof cushions and throws for your furniture for maximum comfort.

Other great discount stores for outdoor furniture include Deluxe Products & Temple and Webster.

Garden Bloom – Invite Wildlife

Wildlife can make a dull garden spring to life in an instant. Welcome animals into your garden by planting bee and butterfly friendly plants such as a Buddleia, placing bird feeders and a bird bath in the garden for your feathered friends, and finally by adding a small pond for frogs and toads. These small things will make a huge difference to the feel of your garden.

garden bloom

Rainbow Lorikeet

Garden Bloom – Go to discount stores

Stop looking for equipment at normal stores: take to Amazon and eBay to get huge discounts on the things you need. You could buy an extendable hose for half the price of in the shops, and all of the things you need for planting and pruning.

Garden Bloom – Make your own compost

Instead of buying compost from the store, be green and make our own. It will take time and patience, but a good compost bin will save you money and add essential nutrients to your garden.

Generally, you will want to have a 50/50 mix of greens and browns in your compost bin. Greens include fruit and veg, teabags, grass cuttings and weeds. Browns consist of paper products such as old cardboard, scrunched up paper, twigs and branches.

You can also learn how to properly use earthworm castings in your garden to easily fertilise grass, plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens.

garden bloom

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