A garage makeover may be in your future if you, like most people, don’t make the most of this potential extra space.

Few of us make the most of having a garage. For many, it can become nothing more than an extra storage space to hoard inherited belongings, Christmas decorations and unused DIY tools. So why a garage makeover?

A lack of regular maintenance may lead to dust and decay. For those eager to transform this space into a place to be proud of, here are the steps for a garage makeover you should take.


Garage Makeover #1 Clean It Out

First of all, you need to tackle all that stuff gathering dust in your garage. Decluttering may require renting a skip to spur you on, although you may be able to donate and sell a lot of what is in there.

Sites such as www.preloved.com are ideal for selling second hand belongings. You can also consider a yard sale, visit auctions or rent a stall at a flea market.

Other items may be able to be relocated or simply re-organised. If you have a bicycle, fitting a bicycle rack will give it an organised place. Shelves, hooks and magnetic racks meanwhile can be used to store tools.

Cobwebs and dust will have to be tackled next – do a deep clean so that all this is eliminated. Abandoned garages may get cracks which can lead to various pests such as mice getting in. Hire pest control if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the rodents.


Garage Makeover #2 Fix It Up

Any cracks and holes should be caulked up. A surveyor may be worth hiring to check that there is no serious damage (especially if you’re going to turn the garage into a liveable space).

Check that the garage door is working and that there is no rust or wear and door. Companies such as www.pjgaragedoors.com.au can handle any repairs or replacements.

Also, check that your garage floor is sealed up. Some basic concrete floors may not be sealed up and so there may be cracks and dirt which is hard to clean off.

A company such as http://www.seamlessflooring.com.au/ may be able to seal your floor for you.


Garage Makeover #3 Design It Over

If you plan to use the garage to store a vehicle, no other work may need to be made. However, if you want to transform it into a liveable space, you may want to consider a few renovations.

It’s worth getting the space wired up so that you’re not trailing an extension cord into the garage. Hire a licensed electrician to do this. You may also want to take measures to insulate the room. You may even want to fit in a water supply or get radiators fitted.

If you’re turning the space into a workshop, consider what machinery you will be using and whether an extractor fan be necessary to get rid of any dust or fumes. You may want to build a workbench in the corner allowing you a space to work.

Garage floors can be pretty solid and not always appropriate for a liveable space, so bear this in mind. Carpet or a click-fit wooden floor could be a way of making the space feel more homely and easy on the soles.

Header image courtesy of Amantea Architects.

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