Garage longevity may not be something to which you have given much thought. However, if you have walls and a roof then you can extend it’s life as a useful construction.

If you own a garage, you may use it as a storage room as opposed to where you park your car. This is totally normal and there is nothing wrong with that at all, although your garage longevity is where things get interesting.

Just because you may not use your garage as a place in which to work or in which to hang out, doesn’t mean you use it to hoard rubbish and broken home items. Yes… you were meaning to fix that item, right?

Here’s how you can look after your garage longevity and add to it’s usefullness, and style.


Give it a paint job

This doesn’t just mean on the inside either! Garages all tend to look the same – dull and boring. So why follow in everyone else’s footsteps when you could be bold and daring instead? Go to the store and get a colour that you love, no matter how bright it may be.

Let’s put it this way, it’s only your garage, so if you want to go all out with multicoloured stripes – where better to experiment?


Get rid of clutter

Yes, you heard right. You know all the things that are making it impossible to walk into your garage without falling over something? – Sort it out. It’s a daunting job for sure, but just think about once it’s done, you’ll be able to walk around and actually find what you need within a matter of seconds rather than hours! Plus, you may even find a new purpose for your garage once you have all that space you never knew you’d have.

Sort your things into three categories, Keep, Throw and Sell. Now it’s just about being realistic and admitting to yourself that the broken shovel and mouldy plastic containers have absolutely no use to you whatsoever.


garage longevity

Fix what isn’t working

If something breaks, don’t wait in the hopes of the problem miraculously repairing itself – be realistic. You’re just asking for issues to throw themselves at you if you don’t tend to the first issue when it was still relatively easy to sort out.

No matter what the problem may be, whether you need to figure out how to program a replacement garage door remote control because the other one broke, or you need to fill in the hole that keeps allowing rain water into your garage – get it done.


Extend it

If you have a garage that is too small to play with, why not consider extending it? Not only will this do the obvious – create more space for you, but you could turn it into something that is of use to you like a home office, a spare room or even a gym.

The garage longevity possibilities are endless as long as you have the ideas and the necessary equipment. Before you do anything though, look into whether or not you need planning permission first.


With these simple tips and tricks, you should be able to add years onto your garage’s life, as well as making yours a lot easier.

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