Fun ways to stay fit in winter? Are you kidding me? It’s too cold and I’d rather stay indoors and binge on Netflex! Not when you see all the exciting and fun ways to stay fit in winter. Truly!

There really are some fun ways to stay fit in winter. When summer is truly over and autumn steps in to take its place, you might be glad you no longer need to keep up your summer body. Perhaps you are tempted to hibernate until the spring when you can start your fitness all over again.

However, what if you carried on keeping yourself fit and healthy throughout the winter too? It is good for the body and soul and it will get you looking your best ready for party season.

So here are some of the fun ways to keep fit and lean this winter.

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Take a walk

This time of the year might seem like a time to huge indoors, but in fact it is the ideal time of the year to get outside and take a walk in the countryside side.

At this time of the year the air is crisp and fresh, the leaves are stunning colours and you will be able to enjoy the sounds of nature to their fullest.

fun ways to stay fit in winter

Pack a lunch and get out early on a Saturday morning and visit a National Park. You can enjoy a stunning autumn walk and it will allow your body to keep moving and stay fit.

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Play games

If you often find working out boring (we don’t blame you) then you can try a different approach to getting fit and use fun games such as catch, football and frisbee in your garden or your local park.

Who says you have to simply go for a run to keep fit? It can be a lot more fun to play a game with your family or friends. You won’t even realise you are working out until your muscles ache the next morning!

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Join the gym

Yes, yes… we know that the gym isn’t always a fun way to work out, but hear us out. Joining a gym or continuing your membership can give you more than access to the weights and the treadmill.

Many gyms offer free classes alongside the membership and this can mean you get access to yoga, spinning, boxing, swimming and loads of different activities all through the year!

fun ways to stay fit in winter

Instead of having a regular workout on the bikes this week, try a class for something you’ve never done before. You might not like it but at least you can say you’ve tried!

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Workout at home

If you really don’t want to leave the house to keep fit due to the harsh weather, you can always keep fit at home by doing workouts following different videos on YouTube such as XHIIT Daily and many more.

There are tonnes of different videos online that can teach you regular workouts, yoga, dancing and even Zumba.

Find a few which you enjoy doing and you can practice them in your living room in the mornings!

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Dance it out

Dancing is always a fun activity to do and when it comes to keeping fit, dancing can be a wonderful way to shed the pounds and keep you lean.

fun ways to stay fit in winter

To keep fit dancing you can do several different things: you could join a class, dance around the house while you are cleaning, and even just enjoy dancing on a night out with friends.

There is no limit to what you can do with dancing and it can be a really fun way to stay toned and fit all year long.

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Going cycling

Cycling is a great alternative to walking and running and it is an excuse to be out in nature with your family for the whole day during a weekend.

You can either take your own bike or get one from a bikes shop and ride around for the day as leisurely or strenuously as you fancy! It can be a great way to enjoy fresh air and keep your heart strong through the winter.

Fun ways to stay fit in winter: Try yoga

For a more relaxing method of keeping fit this winter, a great idea would be to try your hand at yoga.

You don’t have to be super flexible to do yoga and the practice is much more about strengthening your body than being perfect at each pose.

fun ways to stay fit in winter

You can practice it with your partner or your kids for half an hour in the evening and it can be a fun way to stay fit and see what your body is actually capable of.

My Top Pick Fitness, Fun and Friendship: Get a pet!

One of the most fun ways of all which you can keep yourself fit and healthy all year long this year to get yourself a dog.

Dogs are the most popular pet for a good reason, and they provide the perfect best friend and companion for you during day and night.

They can also become your own furry personal trainer and fitness companion and they will be able to motivate you to step out of the house and get moving.

fun ways to stay fit in winter

You can spend time walking your dog in the local park, take them to the countryside and the to beach, take them into a dog friendly pub and then come home and play with their toys in the garden.

If you struggle with energy and motivation to stay fit, a dog is the absolute best thing you can bring into your life!

Make Friends: Join a team

If you have always been talented at a particular sport or you have an interest in learning one properly, you can always give it a go and join a local team in your area for a sport.

It can be a good idea to bring a friend along with you when playing a sport like this because they will provide motivation for you to get fit and they can hold you accountable if you don’t want to show up one week.

fun ways to stay fit in winter

There are lots of great ways which you can stay fit and get moving during the winter. Once it snows you can build a snowman and have snowball fights with your family and you can just enjoy the days as they come.

Just get up and moving in any way that you can and you will be OK!

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