When Spring arrives, front garden up-date ideas become uppermost in the minds of home lovers. No matter your budget, there’s an up-date idea for your home.

Without the right emphasis on curb appeal for your home, you’re going to struggle to sell it or even enjoy it yourself. Ensure your house looks as beautiful as possible with front garden up-date ideas!

Rule your neighbourhood, and inspire your neighbours, with front garden up-date ideas this Spring. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost too much. From a fresh lick of paint to the garden statues you choose, turn heads and enjoy your front garden with our tips.

Go Back to Garden Basics

Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and de-weeding the space are three very simple ways to transform your front garden. A garden that is obviously well taken care of is a garden that attracts people. Lay down grass seed and give your lawn the growth it needs to get rid of the patchy ground. No one feels compelled by a house with barren spots in the front lawn.

Paint The House

You don’t even have to paint the entire house to make it look beautiful, but a little paint can go a long way. Touch up the window panes or paint the front door a bright and beautiful colour – paint can be transformative and it adds to the whole look of your front yard. The window shutters can be painted a lovely white to stand out, too.

Add Flower Beds

If you don’t have any flower beds in your front garden up-date ideas plan, you should plant some. bright , colour-coordinated florals look beautiful, and you can really make the yard stand out and look fantastic when you let the flowers grow. You don’t have to add flowers if you don’t want to, either. Add colourful pebbles or statues instead and have a low maintenance “bed” to border your front garden.

Add A Little Light

There’s nothing that draws the eye more than lights – it’s why people stare at Christmas lights. So, choose to add a couple of lampposts or string the bushes with solar fairy lights to give your home a beautiful glow. Garden lighting can help you to see where you are walking, and it can also add ambience!

Add Something More

We suggested garden statues, and we like this suggestion, but how about fountains? Front garden fountains are going to change the way people see your garden. Front garden up-date ideas are all the rage – why not make a list and start yours today?

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