Flower power conjures up images of peace signs, masses of colour, long hair, long dresses, and free flowing love. Ahhh… those were the days.

If you have a desire to relive, or experience for the first time, the calming influence of flower power in your garden, then you could earn some serious style points. 1970’s flower power is a little different from the usual retro and vintage gardens that you see around at the moment, so why not give it a try? With bright colors, seriously cool kitsch, and a lot of fun this type of garden can work really well in brightening up your outside space. So read on for a short guide on how to get such a retro style oasis in your own backyard.

flower power

Flower Power

Obviously, in the era of flower power, flowers are going to play heavily into any garden scheme that is influenced by the 1970’s. Big, bold, and bright flowers, in particular, like daisies, chrysanthemums, carnation and gerberas. The beauty of such beautiful flowers is that they are easy to grow both in the ground and in containers. Jazz up the smallest balcony with terracotta pots overflowing with colour or plant rows of different flowers – perhaps in the shape of a peace sign?

Obviously, the colours you should pick be as in your face as possible. There is really no room for pale pinks and subtle sky blues here. It’s all about bright primary and neon colors, so very yellow yellows, powerful purple, dynamic red and the obligatory 70’s orange are good choices.

flower power

Keep Off The Grass

Of course, the grass was very important in the 70’s. The kind we are talking about here is grass seed or turf, the stuff that you make lawns out of. For an on-point 70s style garden you will definitely need a good patch of lawn as well as all your multicolored flowers. It may be that you have a lawn that you can work with already, and you just need to water and aerate it to keep it looking healthy. Or you may have to re-turf an area to get the desired look.

But whatever you do remember to shape the lawn at the borders as much as possible. Preferably in a circular or oval shape for authenticity. 70’s grass can be left a little long as lazy days and relaxed evenings are often spent there. Star gazing is very much of the bohemian experience. Add patchwork velvet cushions, a big throw rug, and chainsawed wood logs for extra seating and low tables.

flower power

Flower Power Up the Buildings

Now the 70s is often remembered fondly as the area of the Kombi van and the caravan, and you can use this to your advantage in the garden. If you feel like a fun retro renovation, purchase an old caravan – preferably one small and vintage. Kit it out in 70’s style by scouring vintage and Op Shops for cool 70’s fabric and accessories. Add seating outside, with pots of colourful flowers, and you’ll have a super cool focal point for the garden. Eat alfresco or snuggle up indoors and play scrabble when it rains.

Although, if you are hoping to spend as long as possible outdoors and enjoying the sun, then you may want to consider something like these designer verandahs as well. Which are a great addition to a retro style garden, as well as protecting you from the fierceness of the sun. Add some climbing fern-like rubber plants to grow up the struts to blend in with the rest of the setting, or tie large swathes of muslin or cheesecloth to channel the right vibe.

flower power

Flower Power With Kitsch to the Max

Of course, no 70’s style garden would be complete without a healthy dose of kitsch, and this is really where you can let your imagination run riot. Plastic pink flamingos are a great place to start, as are bright flower shaped windmills. You can freely add fun stuff like garden gnomes and colourful glass hanging in the trees, and you’ll be stylishly on your 70’s adventure. Lastly, don’t forget to cover things in shells as well, for that genuine 70’s feel.

flower power

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