Don’t say you thought floral interiors were old news!? Of course not. It seems like even old dogs can learn new tricks when it comes to interiors.

The floral interior style proves that it can adapt to any decade and any era of interior design. It’s quite a remarkable style since it literally spans centuries.

A Floral Interior Was Highly Sought-After

Perhaps the first most common form of the floral style emanated from France during the Early-Modern period. So many French homes of an aristocratic nature adorned the style of luxury and lavish royal splendor.

Pink and gold was the theme of the day and it’s here where you saw leaves and flowers made out of pure gold, sprouting across the land. A couple of hundred years on and you saw the floral explosion of the hippy era. Big loud and vibrant floral patterns emerged and suddenly, flower power became the king of interior design.

Since then many different styles have come and gone, but the floral style is back. Now it’s abstract, mysterious and spooky.

The Mysterious and Alluring Floral Interior

The thing about interior styles is, every single one of them has their own little factions. For example, the neutral style has multiple camps that think black, grey or white should be the dominant shade.

In the art-deco scene, there were some that thought too much attention was paid to geometry rather than shape and lines. In the floral style, there have always been those that have argued for autumn and spring. Dark moody flowers versus bright, soft and small flowers.

Now, however, they must move to one side because these mysterious and alluring designer cushions present Australian flora in all its glory. Deep, blood red flowers, desert greens and yellows, fading into the sandy beige backgrounds are beautifully stunning.

The Sturt Desert Pea styles show deep flaring flowers, hanging silently down with black pods, whisked into a late autumn background.

Made in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria, these cushions are hand-stitched in pure silk on 100% linen. Opulent, ghostly, powerful and incredibly artisan.

Matching Art and Reality

Unlike many other styles, the floral interior style is depicted in reality. That’s why matching your decorative items with your decor is perhaps the most unique and captivating plus.

For example, if you have a floral print wallpaper, buying flowers that match the design and placing them on a table in front of the print, would be a touch of genius. Making art and reality match is no easy feat. it’s not as simple as finding flowers that purely match the color of your floral wallpaper. You must be truly authentic and genuine in your pursuit.

Look hard at the floral print, study what kind of flower it is. What was the artists’ impression? Were they going for blossoming buds? Did they choose decadent colors? What nation or continent are those flowers from? If you have exotic floral prints, then you need to match the flowers with the same sort of style.

If you have roses in your wallpaper, buy the exact real flowers. If you have giant complex white roses, look for something like a polar star or a Yorkshire white rose. 

Cuisine and Seasonal Covers

By now you will have understood that the floral interior design style really does have something special going for it. Not only is it prominent in art movements like still life, but it’s also unique to every nation because of different natures.

The other amazing thing about it is, it’s beholden to seasonal changes. What else is seasonal? Food! So of course, for your dining table, you must have different floral covers that match the seasons. For example, for your spring dining table cover, you should have flowers that belong in meadows. Bright reds, yellows, purples and whites, will match your light lunches and dinners where you have salad and vegetables.

For your summer floral covers, have something loud and larger than life. Sunflowers, daffodils, blood red roses, will match your summer cuisine of boiled eggs, watermelon slices, roasted red peppers and rich brie cheese. For the autumn, introduce hushed tones from earth tone flowers like begonia, and mesmerizing dahlias.

These will coincide with you sumptuous dishes of pumpkin soup, pasta, apple pies and cinnamon coffee cake. Get creative and change your dining table cover for every season with brilliant floral prints.

The Ghostly Powerful Lingering Floral Interior

You have to admit, there’s also something ghostly, sad and powerful about flowers. Like all living things, flowers die. But we can see this happening, unlike living creatures. We can see flowers decade, start to shed petals and wither away before dropping to the floor. It’s an amazing cycle of life we’re treated to.

The amazing beauty of the flower is balanced with its unstoppable death. That’s why you should pay homage to the ghostly flower in the form of a metal ornament. The undeniable king of ornament interior design is the Victorian style.

Nowhere else throughout history will you find a more charming usage of ornament to complement the home. Brass floral ornaments would be a superb addition to your decor. The gloomy gothic rose style is heavily prevalent throughout the latter part of the era and seen as a hallmark of the final few decades of this moment in time.

The Real Thing

The classic way to introduce the floral style into your home is purely to get the real thing. You can have amazing designer cushions, soft and beautiful wallpapers but in the end, having a bouquet of flowers on your window sill really is the best expression.

However, try having different flowers for every room, again coinciding with the overall style. For example, for your blue bathroom, buy some California bluebells. For your bright white living room, buy Blancas. When you walk into a room, just by looking at the types of flowers you have standing in vases, you should know what kind of style the room displays. 

Styles that are really worth their weight in gold, always come back better than ever. The floral interior style is one of the all-time greats. Now it comes to you in a more mysterious, ghostly and abstract fashion.

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